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Who Served Well

Johnston Lawrie


Andrew McDowall, who recently emigrated to Canada, returns to Europe to fulfil his duty for his king and country. His carefree best friend Tam Murdoch, a territorial soldier, sees action at Gallipoli and returns home wounded. Andrew’s old flame, and Tam’s secret desire, Kathleen overcomes prejudice at home to serve as a nurse in the famous womens’ only hospital at Rayoumont, Northern France. Unbeknown to them, they end up serving within a few miles of each other during the battle of Arras.

Each of their experiences of the war changes the three friends lives dramatically. The loss of a close comrade and the horrific consequences of an execution haunt Andrew for the rest of the war and into his civilian life back in Canada. A chance meeting with a long-lost veteran leads him to return to France where he hopes to find the answers to his troubling questions, not least of which is who served well?

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