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You no longer have to log in to HFC or become a member to create an author profile!

Just fill in the form below and your exclusive page will be created within two business days after submission.
Please make sure your book cover jpegs and author jpeg are no more than 15mp

If you have already created a page and you wish to update your featured book, excerpt or article, please use this FORM HERE to update only.

LEAVE BOXES BELOW BLANK if you do not have an account.

Your above links MUST match the examples in the boxes or this form will not work. If you don't have a link, please leave the box blank.


Please upload all of your published book covers with the upload button below - maximum of 30 book jpeg files. If you have more than 30 published books, upload all current ones and HFC will add the rest.

If you cannot determine how to upload the rest of your book covers, please leave blank and HFC will add them.


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