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After a 40-year career as an attorney, Bruce J. Berger obtained his MFA in Creative Writing from American University in Washington, DC. His three novels published with Black Rose Writing -- The Flight of the Veil, The Music Stalker, and To See God -- constitute the Forgiveness and Faith series. In addition to the novels, Berger has published more than 50 stories and poems in a variety of literary journals and is also the author of the non-fiction political commentary book (self-published) entitled Return to Sender: 224 Unanawered Letters to the White House (available on Amazon). Prior to embarking on his legal career. Berger obtained a BA in Chemistry with Honors from the University of Connecticut and a J.D cum laude from Harvard Law School. He now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his wife, Laurie, and their dog, Whiskey, happily only seven houses away from his two grandchildren.

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Holocaust survivor Nicky Covo believes that the rest of his family died at Auschwitz, that is, until he receives a letter from the abbess of Greek Orthodox monastery, telling him that a mysterious nun who's lived there for decades. Sister Theodora, may be his baby sister Kal. NIcky must leave America and return to Greece, with his old friend and new lover Helen, to confront painful memories of fighting with the Greek partisans and to seek a reunion with his sister or face shattering disappointment.

The Flight of the Veil

Bruce J. Berger

"A well-crafted tale about trauma and miracles." –Kirkus Reviews

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