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Paul Rushworth-Brown was born in Maidstone, Kent, England, in 1962. He spent time in a foster home in Manchester before emigrating to Canada with his mother in 1972. He spent his teenage years living and attending school in Toronto, Ontario, where he also played professional soccer in the Canadian National Soccer League. In 1982, he emigrated to Australia to spend time with his father, Jimmy Brown, who moved there from Yorkshire in the mid-fifties.

Paul was educated at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia and became a writer in 2015 after his self-published novel 'Skulduggery' was picked up by Shawline Publishing. Paul's novels are authentic and gritty, with twists and turns the reader won't see coming. He paints a realistic image of how peasants would have lived in the 16th and 17th centuries. However, that is only the backdrop to suspenseful and mysterious stories with romantic tones. His novel 'Red Winter Journey' has been nominated for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards (Christina Stead Prize for fiction). His new novel 'Dream of Courage' will be released in November.

Paul has been a guest on the ABC, BBC, America Tonight with Kate Delaney and regularly features on the Witty Writers Show in the US. The US Times said, 'Modern writers usually don't know what it was like to live in the past, but Rushworth-Brown does this with great skill in his accomplished, atmospheric and thoughtful novels.'

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Leaving the desolate moors behind, the brothers venture to Leeds with dreams of escaping poverty's clutches and carving their names into the annals of history.

In a world teeming with beggars, cutpurses and outlaws, the Rushworth brothers navigate treacherous paths, facing fear and uncertainty head on. Amidst the backdrop of a ruthless era, where murder and theft weave a web of ominous intrigue, the enigmatic tavern keeper, Smythe, holds their fates in his hands.

A pirate captain, Captain Girlington, steps into their lives, harbouring secrets and a choice between love and the call of the sea. The brutish Jacob Wilding enters the fray, driven by relentless determination to capture Robert Rushworth and claim a perilous reward.
Bound by a curse that threatens to consume them, the Rushworth brothers must confront their inner demons and forge a path back to success.
In a tale where historical fact merges seamlessly with heart-pounding fiction, Dream of Courage unravels a tapestry of suspense, intrigue and human resilience to be experienced...
"Another great work by a very talented author who loves his period works and characters from his great plots. He writes with verve and intent to deliver the imagination something unexpected and greatly appreciated... Brilliant..." Gavin, Readalot Magazine reviewer

Dream of Courage

Paul Rushworth-Brown

Facing Fear Head On

Book Excerpt or Article

DREAM OF COUR AGE: Facing Fear Head On

Step into a world where history comes alive and adventure awaits on every page. In ‘Dream of Courage,’ the captivating best-selling novel by Paul Rushworth-Brown, you’ll be transported through time to experience the vivid tapestry of 17th century Yorkshire. Born in the United Kingdom in 1962, Paul’s journey from Charles Sturt University in Australia to becoming a passionate writer in 2015 led to the creation of this remarkable tale.

Immerse yourself in a story that transcends the confines of a mere history lesson. As you turn the pages of ‘Dream of Courage,’ you’ll embark on a thrilling odyssey, seeing the world through the eyes of your ancestors. This is no ordinary historical account – it’s a gripping narrative that will leave you breathless with anticipation.

Travel alongside John and Robert Rushworth, two sons of the moors, as they set out to make their fortune in the bustling city of Leeds. With a blend of adventure, intrigue, and forbidden romance, their journey unfolds against the backdrop of a society filled with colourful characters, each with their own secrets and desires.

Meet Jacob Wilding, a man of brutish demeanour and lowly origins, determined to capture Robert Rushworth for a reward that vii could change his fate forever. Encounter Milton Killsin, a Puritan with a hidden yearning, and Captain Girlington, torn between the call of the sea and an unexpected love. In a world teeming with beggars, thieves and prostitutes, every step is fraught with danger, and every decision could lead to a life-altering consequence.

As the tension mounts, ‘Dream of Courage’ weaves a tapestry of murder, mystery, and mayhem that will keep even the sharpest minds guessing until the final revelation. Will Robert pay the ultimate price for his misdeeds? Can the Rushworths rise above the challenges that threaten to engulf them? The answers lie within these pages, waiting for only the most astute readers to uncover.

Paul Rushworth-Brown’s masterful storytelling will transport you to a bygone era, where dreams of courage ignite against a backdrop of hardship and perseverance. If you crave heart pounding adventure, intricate intrigue and a taste of history brought to life, then ‘Dream of Courage’ is your next must-read. So, open the book, turn back time, and let the Rushworths’ legacy of determination and bravery inspire you. Your journey begins now.

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