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HISTORIUM PRESS Traditional & Hybrid Boutique Publisher Exclusively for Historical Fiction

Our claim to fame is the unique platform in the world of publishing.
We are an independent traditional digital publisher for ebook publication, plus we offer  hybrid publishing for paperback and hardcover formats, giving authors the quality of a traditional publisher with the control of self-publishing.

Our hybrid model is not self-publishing or a vanity press, since those platforms publish anything submitted regardless of the quality. All submissions to Historium Press are vetted to gauge marketability and not all are accepted.

Our traditional model is not like most traditional publishers who might claim a majority stake in your book but don't deliver when it comes to marketing,

leaving the author to do most of the marketing on their own.


With our ebook traditional route, you, the author gets 55% of the royalty, which is higher than what most other traditional publishers offer. You will get full copy-editing, cover design, and a full year marketing package. We do not give advances since we offer a high royalty rate to you.


With the hybrid route for paperback and hardcover, you, the author, maintain 100% royalties, while the package investment takes care of all the marketing aspects without you having to lift another finger except to write your next novel.
Plus, with us, you maintain complete creative control.

So, why two different publishing models?

With ebook traditional publishing, we can get your book out quickly to consumers, (2-3 WEEKS!!) offering you a higher royalty rate than most. Not all submissions are accepted, like most traditional publishers. We vet all submissions.

With the paperback & hardcover hybrid publishing,
we become your publishing partner, your co-publisher, taking the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best... write.

Plus, with both we specialize in focusing exclusively on historical fiction, providing the ideal stage and safe haven for authors of the genre.

Your vision is our vision; after all, 
we are the history makers and history makes us who we are.

Toni Morrison's famous quote: "If there is a book you really want to read and it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it," is a quote we live by.

We believe in Indie authors, in the vast world of talent waiting to be discovered, so we've opened the doors for everyone to enter.
With both models, authors retain 100% of their rights, earn higher proceeds,
and have 100% creative control.
Our mission? Exceptional books, quality service, and a global reach.

How Do Our Publishing Models Work?




We accept the first three

chapters, along with

a query letter.

Your manuscipt will go to one of our literary agents who will review the first three chapters.




Once your full manuscript is accepted, and your package is chosen and paid for, we get to work designing your book

and distributing it worldwide.





Keep 100% of all royalties,

plus creative control,

plus all your rights.



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