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GENRE: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Mystery, Historical Biography, Historical Fantasy, Alternate Historical, Historical Time Travel, Historical Time Slip, or Historical NonFiction

ERA: Ancient World, Roman, Grecian, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, Stuart, Regency, Georgian, Victorian, WWI, 1920s, Pre-WWII, WWII, Post-WWII, American, European, Italian, Irish, Scottish, African, Japan

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The Falconer's Apprentice

von Hassell, Malve

A 15-year-old orphan risks all to rescue a falcon.

A boy full of dreams, a crotchety falconer, a secretive trader and his feisty daughter, a hermit healer, an irascible Arab physician, a king in prison, an aging emperor, and a falcon called Adela—these are the principal characters in this action/adventure novel set in the 13th century. Andreas, a 15-year-old orphan, is an assistant to the head falconer in a castle in the north of Germany. The lord of the castle sentences Andreas’ favorite falcon Adela to death. Andreas decides to rescue Adela. In doing so, he breaks several laws of medieval society—failing to obey a direct edict from his lord and stealing, both subject to severe punishment. Poems by King Enzio, imprisoned in Bologna, and writings about falconry by Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen are incorporated into the novel. The eight parts of the novel reflect the eight octagonal towers of the Castel del Monte, a critical turning point in the protagonist’s life.



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Historical fiction


Gyopsaliev, Dimitar

Return od the son, Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Oathbreaker continues the thrilling historical fiction series which began with Award Winning Author Dimitar Gyopsaliev' debut novel Longsword: Edward and the Assassin.

"A man is only as good as his sword"

Experience the thrilling historical fiction novel Oathbreaker, set in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Ayn Jalut during the Crusades. Follow the gripping journey of Peter Longsword, a hero wracked with guilt after his friend's death and on a quest for revenge. Struggling to find his place in a tumultuous world, he must confront both external threats and internal demons as he navigates through political intrigue and historical conflicts between Christians and Mamluks. As he seeks to uncover the secrets behind mysterious shipwrecks, will Peter be able to protect those he loves and find the truth before it is too late?

"Oathbreaker is more than a historical novel; it’s a tapestry of battle, betrayal, and belonging." — Literary Titan



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Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery

Master and Favorite

Rachel Cherry

When Kallias is sold to the senator Gaius Calvinus, he falls instantly in love with him—or rather, in love with everything Calvinus has. Money, power, privilege. Kallias imagines his life could be like his master’s, if only he could convince Calvinus to value him for more than his looks.

After the brutal ending of the relationship, Kallias reinvents himself in a different household, where he meets and conspires with the cunning and ambitious Julia Agrippina. The emperor’s niece has a claim to the throne and the same desires as Kallias: power and revenge at any cost.

Agrippina suggests the schemes and Kallias designs the details. He must risk everything he knows and loves—including his life—in a treacherous hike to reach the top and get even with the man he once worshiped.



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historical fiction

Alice's War

McClain, William

From the author of The Risk in Crossing Borders

Weymouth, England 1939
War changes everything. For grandson Martin, coming of age under the backdrop of World War II. For Sonja, the Jewish refugee he’s drawn to, who left her family in Germany only to face new dangers in England. And for Alice. Recently widowed, she must set aside her long-awaited chance to recreate her life on her own terms when the war places her two grandchildren in her care. As outside forces tear Alice’s family and community apart, she quietly gathers and reforms their sustaining bonds.
Set in the town of Weymouth against the grand backdrop of England’s Jurassic Coast and with a front-seat view of the unfolding drama, Alice’s War immerses the reader in a time unlike any in modern history.

McClain has created a masterpiece with his down-home appeal and real-life drama centered around World War II. The characters are ordinary people who will touch your heart and leave a lasting impression. Midwest Book Review



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Historical Fiction

The Colors of Fire

Brown, Lawrence Diehl

First novel in a trilogy

In this major new piece of historical fiction, Lawrence Brown tells the exciting story
of the Hittite Empire, leading up to the collapse of the Bronze-Age civilization.
Follow the adventures of the last Hittite prince on his journey to become King, his
fight to consolidate the empire and defeat the enemies who would plunder the
land and destroy the last vestiges of a great civilization. A compelling combination
of fictional narrative and scholarship, Brown combines his knowledge of ancient
peoples with historic battle tactics in a fast-paced, believable story of love, magic,
fire, and war. The Colors of Fire is the first novel in a trilogy that spans 3000 years.
Of Princes and Kings takes place in the 12th century, and Flare takes place in
modern times.



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Historical Fiction
Ancient World

Strawberry Concrete

Morales, Scott

A detective finds a body tied to the JFK assassina

Camp Simmons, Indiana Detective is contacted by an enigmatic figure who has Information which leads him to a body. When recovered, it has direct ties to the assassination of JFK in 1963. Lefleur soon learns of a plot to assassinate the current sitting president. Lefleur most stop the assassination and through the investigation, learns the truth behind two of the most historic events of the 1960's



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Historic Crime Fiction
Post WW II

Plagued by Bad Beliefs

Pate, Jerry DEAN

How a state was deceived - slavery, race, labor.

False beliefs are always more powerful than truth.
In the South, speaking the truth can have dire consequences.

Small town newspaperman Vernon Covington knows firsthand the corruption that fueled the 1934 textile strike. For publishing truth supported by facts, his newspaper is foreclosed, he is run out of town, and his spirit nearly broken.

Nearing the end of his career and drowning his demons with alcohol, he shares a desk with Betsy McCall a feisty young reporter who herself gets tossed out a United Daughters of the Confederacy meeting for challenging the myth of the Lost Cause. Together, they are determined to cut through the fraudulent history of the South and expose how those wanting to remain in power manipulated whole generations into accepting half-truths and lies as common knowledge.

They discover that whites seized control of the South Carolina legislature from Black officials and forced a US President to topple a governor so a Confederate General could take his place.



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Historical Fiction

Three Roads Out

Yearout, Jane

The Sequel to Along the Red Dirt Road

Annie is gone now, and it's all on her granddaughter, KT. Can she turn the page on Hillview and chart a new course as Annie had so long ago? Much has happened in the over eighty years since Annie left. Did Hillview forgive what she had done? KT's journey is one of twists, turns, duty, excruciating choices, and friendship. Elements of the Civil War, Great Depression, WWII, the Holocaust, the tumultuous 1960s, and Civil Rights are crucial to this tale.

"I read the first book and had to find out more. This book has feisty heroines, nasty villains, and dedicated protectors of the past."
"So well written and kept me guessing along the way."
"A lovely, gentle book that warms the cockles of my heart!"
"Love the story, the fascinating letters from the past, and how the author uses history to provide much needed understanding of current circumstances."
"I loved this book as much as the first."



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Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Pre-WWII to Present Times

Along the Red Dirt Road

Yearout, Jane

An inspiring tale of courage, race, and friendship

An uplifting historical tale rooted in the American Civil War/Great Depression era about secrecy, scandal, friendship, and truth. The Young family abandons the Dust Bowl for a fresh start in the Shenandoah Valley. Their new town harbors lingering wounds from the Civil War and strange undercurrents. Annie Young is befriended by an old woman marked by scandal and a ragtag boy from ages past. Both are hostage to an untold story - one Annie is compelled to reveal. The red dirt road reveals old prejudices and a closely held secret that poisoned a community. The truth comes forth to empower not only Annie's descendants but all who read this story.

"An insightful, entertaining, and occasionally uncomfortable exploration of racist cruelty and white privilege told through the eyes of a young girl and with the aid of a lost soul."
"As a reader of historical fiction, I found a lot to love about this book. It is a beautiful, well-told story with some fascinating overtones."



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Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Dual Time Frames of Great Depression Years 1933-34 and American Civil War

Gunmetal Ridge

Morris, Jeffrey C

Firebird Military History Award winner

Ninety-three-year-old Will Morgan remembers December 21, 1944, like it was yesterday. Now a widower and alone with his torment, how can he tell it? If not for a chance meeting with a younger man named Jack Owens, Will’s haunting account would surely die with him. Not every soldier fought through Battle of the Bulge or lived to tell the tale—one that Will has sworn to secrecy. What happened on that ridge was one thing, but what Will sees as his own personal failure is another. Can he finally reveal the one heartache he never shared with anyone, one he has carried for so long?

“A wonderfully written book . . . with historical references to actual events in WWII. I particularly enjoyed the author’s approach in reflecting Will Morgan’s experience. My 97-year-old father-in-law, also a WWII infantry veteran, has always been reluctant to share his war experiences. Reading Gunmetal Ridge helped me understand why.” —Trisha B. Jones



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Historical Fiction

The Arsenic Eater's Wife


A dark historical murder mystery

A woman is accused of killing her husband, but is she guilty? Inspired by a true historical case, this spellbinding novel will keep you guessing until the final heart-stopping revelation…

I’m on trial for the murder of my husband William. But no one knows the truth about my marriage.

I sit in the dock each day and listen to them tell their lies. That William wasn’t taking arsenic, that he was a noble man who would never hurt anyone. That I’m a cunning, deceitful woman who should hang for what I’ve done.

Everyone betrayed me. My best friend, the family, the servants. Even my lover.

They think because I purchased arsenic that I’m the one who poisoned him. They think I’m dangerous. They think I’m mad.

But when this trial is over it will only be the beginning. Because I won’t rest until I get my revenge, even if I must claw myself from an unconsecrated grave to do it. . .

"Gloriously Gothic, alarmingly good." - The Poisoner's Cabinet Podcast



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Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery




In the heart of sixteenth-century Japan, where loyalty is tested and alliances are fragile, "Kampuku" unfolds the riveting tale of Ishida Mitsunari, a young samurai rising through the ranks in service to the renowned warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A shrewd tactician and accomplished tea master, Mitsunari becomes the target of a shadowy network of spies, determined to end his life since childhood.
With Hideyoshi's sudden demise, Mitsunari finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue, to determine the future heir.
Mitsunari faces the ambitions of Tokugawa Ieyasu, a formidable rival warlord who is scheming to seize control. Determined to safeguard Hideyori, whom Mitsunari believes to be the legitimate heir, he orchestrates a desperate bid to thwart Ieyasu’s ascent to power. The ensuing epic battle shapes the destiny of Japan.
"Kampuku" is a tale of honour, deception, and the relentless pursuit of destiny in a nation torn by war and secrets.


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Historical Fiction
Ancient World
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