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I'm DL Larson, author of the Douglas Family Saga, set in Kentucky 1850s. If you enjoy historicals, check out my books. My latest, When Tomorrow Comes, will be available, November 2022.

I'm a retired Youth Director at our local library, which is just a fancy word saying I ran the Children's section, pre-YA of our library. It is one of the best jobs/careers a person can experience. I loved listening to patrons tell about the many and varied books they've read and I tucked that knowledge away in order to bring real life issues to life in my own books.

If you like American Indian stories, you'll enjoy Memories Trail, if you enjoy reading about family secrets, gambling and kidnapping, be sure to check out Promises To Keep and the sequel, Promises My Love...if you are drawn to young love, forbidden love and unstable love, horse racing with big stakes and politics of the day, you might be intrigued with Coming Home and my latest, Back Home Again.

My upcoming book, When Tomorrow Comes, deals with the Great Powwow in Ft. Laramie where Granny hopes the U.S. Government will finally show respect to the Indian nations; Jim heads to New York with his family where he becomes involved with a runaway slave and a young abolitionist. And Ruf, stuck at home is restless and after receiving a letter he too heads west.

The Douglas family are an unruly lot, just like most families. Over the generations, my books cover the War of 1812, on up through the unrest of pre-civil war. I have big plans to continue through the Civil War.

I wasn't always drawn to history; high school was soooo boring with dates, and generals, and places that sucked the life out of the room as various issues were discussed in class...then in college I found a professor who brought those long ago eras to life and I've been hooked ever since.

I've won just enough writing awards to keep me at my desk, working on the next Douglas family installment. Feel free to leave a review on my page.

I'm a replanted city girl, living these many, many years with my true love on our Illinois farm. I can talk farm wife, city gal or small town girl, not to mention I have high marks in my Grammie status. I've been around that long and can navigate it all. We love to travel and I've left a book or two of mine on many a cruise ship.

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D L Larson

Across the sprawling hills of Kentucky to the small river town nestled against the Ohio River, the Douglas family saga continues in Book Four, Coming Home. The year is 1849 and Will Douglas, the frontiersman, is dead.

His rambunctious grandson, Ruf, misses him, but knows too, Gramps would tell him to get on with life, find an adventure. Ruf believes horse racing will give him plenty of adventures. Then Hattie Carter spies on him, wanting to be friends. The girl talks too much. Ruf soon discovers she is lonely and heartsick for her folks. She shares secrets with him no one else knows. He might have to become a vagabond if his grandmother finds out he’s ruined sweet Hattie’s reputation.

Elizabeth is lonely for Will, her one and only love, but young Hattie Carter has moved in with her since her folks passed away. The girl brightens the old cabin with her youthful enthusiasm. She wants to know about the Indians and the life Will and Elizabeth led so long ago. Even when her adopted Indian son visits, Elizabeth doesn’t want to think of those days, long gone now. She hopes her son-in-law Francis will find peace at last and is intrigued that a woman has finally caught his attention. Maybe her grandchildren Jim and Crystal will find happiness after all if Francis lets another woman into his life.

Francis Frailey doesn’t need a woman. Or so that’s what he has told his family for more than three years since his lovely wife passed away. His employer’s wife has other ideas and Francis is introduced to yet another niece. Her name is Mary Anderson, fresh in from Louisville. At least this one is good looking, he noticed that. No matter, he’s determined not to spend the summer escorting this woman about. Except Mary Anderson has plans of her own he soon discovers. He’s not sure what to do with such an obstinate woman or her irrational plans that don’t include him.

Coming Home

D L Larson

Douglas Family Saga

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