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I am a writer in Rhode Island. My credits include numerous non-fiction articles and book reviews. I also wrote a monthly newspaper column on infectious diseases for six years. Some of my short stories have appeared in Science, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Writer’s Digest: The Year’s Best Writing, and the Maryland Writers Association 2022 anthology, Caption This! Embark published the opening chapter from one of my historical fiction manuscripts; the same manuscript received a “notable mention” in the 2021 Chapter One Prize.

In an earlier life as a microbiologist, I traveled in Russia, India, Egypt, and Europe, and was posted to U.S. embassies in Swaziland (now, Eswatini) and Colombia. I was an AAAS Diplomacy Fellow and an Embassy Science Fellow in the U.S. State Department, and an IETA Fellow with CDC. I left the Global Virus Network in 2018 and returned to Rhode Island to retire and write.

My debut historical novel, Shadow of the Moon, was published by Wild Rose Press in March 2023.

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Edward McSweegan

July 1878, and the West is teeming with astronomers eager to observe a total solar eclipse. Cora and four other female astronomy students have accompanied Professor Maria Mitchell to Colorado for the event, but their chances of seeing it are threatened when a railway dispute forces them to entrust their precious telescopes to a young freight hauler's wagon. Nolan Carter is determined to get his cargo and passengers to their destination, but as one thing after another goes wrong, he despairs of reaching Denver in time. Yet he could happily spend more time with the surprising Cora, who accompanies the telescopes while her companions take the train. Meanwhile, overhead, the celestial clock-indifferent to worldly dangers, delays, or distractions-is ticking.

Shadow of the Moon

Edward McSweegan

Cowboys and Astronomers

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