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My name is Joshua, a 44 year old father of six - 5 Sons and 1 Daughter. I am a newly published Historical Fiction Author, married to an Australian-raised Filipina, who is a budding Digital Artist, and we live in a suburb of Adelaide, here in South Australia. I have always loved history, as well as writing, and one day my wife gave me a challenge, to take my love of both and combine them, and so I was set on a journey that would have me discover the story within that became Love Beyond Borders, along with the start to some others as well. So she inspired me to start in this road as an author, and then also became my Front Cover Illustrator, having done my first book, and is now working on the second book as I work on the final section of the writing. It is the first of a 5-book series, and I have many ideas for this series and beyond as look forward to ‘fleshing out’, as opportunity allows amidst minding our six kids, as well as working on a children’s book or two (or more) which we have at least two different story ideas for at this point.

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It is 1865, and Jordan Whitler, a Union Soldier, has managed to survive the four years of brutality that saw the North and South at war with one another. But as he returns home, expecting to regain some normalcy and experience the peace that four years at war left him bereft of, little does he know that a battle on the home front would draw him in and make that desired peace elusive for a bit longer than he would prefer. The battle that would test whether his family would be torn apart, or brought closer together was going. To be, in some respects, a much harder conflict to deal with, emotionally and mentally, than any he had face during the battle for the heart of the nation. Secrets long buried have now come to light, and and yet peace and the normalcies of life lie on the other side of the resolution to this issue that can no longer remain ignored and swept under the proverbial rug. The family will have much to contend with, but how they proceed will determine what future they as a family, let alone as individuals therein, will, along with their faith, experience the future that lays ahead.

Love Beyond Borders

Joshua Campbell

American Civil War, Historical Fiction, Lincoln Assassination

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He grew to know the ravages of war in its darkest simplicities, and had endured his heart being torn out more times than he cared to remember with each friend of his dying on the battlefield. Call it the grace of God, call it sheer luck, but somehow he had managed to make it through four long years that would forever change the history of the only country he had ever known. A war that should never have needed to happen, but did, all because some said black folks were less than equal to their white counterparts. The truth, though, is that there are some in this world that will never accept others in their differences, no matter what wars are fought, or how many people die in defense of truth, reason and the right to liberty. But he was one who forever altered the course of our family’s history, and now five generations had been added to that tree, and I was the last one added to it thus far in that latest generation, being born in the beginning of 1983. I remember growing up to stories of my great-great-great grandfather, as shared with me by my own grandfather, who always seemed to idealize the ‘civil-war hero’ that had Lincoln-level notoriety in our bloodline. You see, my name is Terence Harrison Witler, and the man our family so revered, Jordan Witler, was one my grandfather may have held in high esteem, but as I grew, I had come to despise him, and thus my grandfather too, but for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps it was the circle of influence I allowed myself to be immersed in, in the impressionable days of my youth, or perhaps it was the pervasive views that seemed to be ‘cultural norms’ of the small southern town I grew up in. But at the end of the day, we can’t blame everyone else ultimately for what we choose to maintain as our worldview. After a long journey of mental evolution, I have now come to also revere the man who so influenced my grandfather, among many others in our family tree. Furthermore, this is a man I hope to follow in the footsteps of, with hope that I can be as inspiring to others as he was and still is. Perhaps I can carry on his legacy and yet make my grandfather proud. I remember the whole story, told to me a bit at a time throughout my eighteen years, before my grandfather himself joined Jordan and all the family that bridge the gap between the two of them. This is my family’s story, but perhaps as I set down the record, it may be one others can relate to aswell.

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