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Robb grew up in North Wales but left for a life of travelling when he was a teenager. After living in a dozen different countries around the world over nearly thirty years, he became nostalgic for his home country. Hiraeth, in Welsh. For the day job, he has the unbelievable privilege of travelling the world to test drive, and write about, classic Porsches and Ferraris and the occasional crazy off-roader and has lived off his writing, and some half-decent photos for the last fifteen years. The passion though, has long been writing novels. It took a few long years for him to get here but Brethren is malting its fluffy fledgling feathers and has been released into the wild. Hopefully, he wrote it well enough that it can fend for itself. Find out more from Robb's website

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AD 77, Britannia.

Cadwal, a widowed Celtic warrior, fights to safeguard his tribe from Rome’s expanding empire, but with an ailing king and power-hungry rivals, treachery is rife.

When neighbouring enemies infiltrate his mountain stronghold, his young sons are ripped from his arms and he is sold into slavery.

Knowing he must escape from the depths of the mines, he faces a choice to either save his tribe from the onslaught of the Romans, or his sons.

To save both he’ll have to pitch the dreaded druids against an untrusted ruler.

If he succeeds, his people can fight. If they fail, there won't be enough left living to remember the dead.


Robb Pritchard

Gripping new ancient historical fiction novel, set in 'Celtic' age North Wales and based on a true story.

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