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Anastasia Martin

Anastasia Martin

Anastasia is a Japanese American who grew up in foster care but managed to become part of the 1.8% of foster children to graduate from a university. She speaks Japanese as well as a broken mix of French, English, German, and a bit of Hebrew. As young as three years old she was interested in a multitude of subjects, reading on an adult level, and writing theories and stories of her own. Anastasia simultaneously pursued degrees and certifications in Veterinary Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Pathology, Genetics, Psychology, Philosophy, and Graphic Design. Known online as Alien Anatomy, Anastasia has a blog for theories that didn’t make it into her books. When asked about her many passions she replies, “I was told I would amount to nothing, believed I could do anything, and decided to do everything”.


This book is being published with special thanks to my high school English and Drama teacher, Darren Ralston, without whom I may never have published. After having been discouraged by so many influential adults in my life telling me my writing was nonsense and too bizarre for anyone else to want to read, Mr. Ralston saw it as unique and refreshing. He supported and encouraged the idea of me becoming a published author.

Special thanks, also, to Professor William Munsey for believing in me and reinspiring my imagination by giving me a new appreciation for Chemistry. Also, for indulging my two-and half-hour tour down the science fiction rabbit holes of potential organo-metallic robotic life forms and non-carbon-based life forms existing elsewhere in the Universe.

More thanks to school cafeteria workers everywhere. I don’t know if I would be alive today were it not for the kindness of those who recognized a child going without and risked their jobs to give me what they could. I don’t know whether they knew I was taking it home to feed my younger siblings or simply saw a hungry child. To every underappreciated cafeteria worker who feels unnoticed, you are the unseen superheroes. I promise it matters more than you may realize.



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This book will explore explanations of Earth and the universe such as The Big Bang, Creationism, The Ancient Astronaut Theory, The Theory of Evolution, and The Theory of Genetic Memory to name a few.  This is merely a collection of questions and thoughts intended to elaborate and speculate on current theories and introduce new concepts and contradictory explanations.  May this collection offer some new insight and inspiration to all who venture down the rabbit holes within.

It will also introduce new theories of my own, both to expand upon and contradict the existing theories of the many great, observant, and inquisitive minds that came before me.  I have a very deep respect for innovative and controversial thinkers like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Charles Darwin even if I don’t always agree with their proposed explanations in their entireties.

However, my deepest respect goes to the Philosophers, Socrates for the Socrates Paradox, and Lao-Tzu the Founder of Taoism.  I have always valued the asking of questions over the quest for absolution.  To borrow from Socrates, “to find yourself you must think for yourself”.  I do not claim to have any answers, only possibilities and, of course, more questions.  To borrow more words from Socrates, “I know that I don’t know”.

Here is an all-original quote of my own; if you consider diving down a rabbit hole fun, you may find wandering through a meerkat labyrinth exhilarating.  To those who enjoy theory crafting and have an appreciation for mind-exhausting speculation, I hope this proves to be a truly satisfying and provocative read.


Comparable to works such as;

  • Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken

  • Denisovan Origins by Andrew Collins and Gregory L. Little

  • The Anunnaki Connection by Heather Lynn

  • Underworld and Lost Knowledge of the Ancients by Graham Hancock

  • Pyramid Quest and Forgotten Civilizations by Robert M Schoch

  • Technology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress.

  • The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin


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