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Lord of the Eyrie

Love, War, and the Price of Loyalty

Transylvania, Kingdom of Hungary, 1440:

Finally home after five years away, warrior-nobleman Sándor Szilágyi is met by a dying father, a resentful younger brother, his child-bride all grown up and the family estate raided by the Ottomans. As he struggles to adjust to life as a landlord, Sándor's authority is challenged by two strong-minded and fearless women: Margit, his faithful and righteous wife, determined to keep him on the straight and narrow; and Anna, his sister-in-law, a scheming temptress bent on ruining him in order to take his land.

Lord of the Eyrie

"Katerina Dunne is the pen-name of Ekaterini Vavoulidou. Originally from Athens, Greece, Katerina has been living in Ireland since 1999. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Athens, an MA in Film Studies from University College Dublin and an MPhil in Medieval History from Trinity College Dublin. Together with her brother, George, she started writing short stories in her teenage years, just for family and friends, but did not take up writing seriously until 2016, when she started work on her first novel.

Katerina is passionate about history, especially medieval history, and her main area of interest is 13th to 15th century Hungary. When it comes to historical fiction, her favourite authors include Elizabeth Chadwick, Kate Innes, Christian Cameron and Bán Mór (the Hungarian author of the Hunyadi series of books) Although the main characters of her stories are fictional, Katerina uses real events and personalities as part of her narrative in order to bring to life the fascinating history of the medieval Kingdom of Hungary, a location and time period not so well-known to English-speaking readers. Whether heroic warriors or fearless women, her characters face personal struggles while also fighting to defend their beloved country from external and internal enemies.

Katerina’s day job is in financial services, but in her free time she enjoys watching historically-themed movies and TV series. She is also a member of Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland and although not an active fighter, she has supported the group in many competitions and festivals in Ireland."

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