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Making History

A comprehensive guide to writing, publishing, and marketing your historical fiction novel from award-winning author, D.K. Marley (Dee Marley) - the CEO & Head Editorial Reviewer of The Historical Fiction Company & HFC Book Awards, podcast host of History Bards, The Hist Fic Chickie Blogger, and Editor-in-Chief of Historium Press

Have you dedicated months or even years to crafting a historical novel, only to face continuous setbacks? Are you ensnared in the relentless grip of writer's block? Perhaps you've harbored a long-standing desire to embark on a historical novel-writing journey but find the prospect daunting and bewildering.

This comprehensive guide is designed for individuals who aspire to write a historical novel, or those who have contemplated it for a lifetime without knowing where to commence. It dispels the multitude of myths, misconceptions, and outright falsehoods that often shroud the process of penning your inaugural book.

Within these pages, you'll discover proven solutions, alternatives, and troubleshooting techniques essential for every novice author, regardless of the writing hurdles you encounter. Furthermore, we delve into the techniques employed by renowned historical fiction authors across the ages.

This guide lays the groundwork for crafting historical fiction, imparting invaluable insights such as:

  1. Time-tested writing methods that simplify, expedite, and streamline the writing journey.

  2. Straightforward strategies to conquer and preempt writer's block.

  3. Insights into completing and publishing your manuscript, alongside valuable marketing tips.

Follow the guidance contained herein, and by the conclusion, as you implement these recommendations, you will have effortlessly penned a top-tier book. Most importantly, this endeavor need not disrupt the flow of your everyday life.

So, set forth on this creative journey, continue making history, and persist in your writing pursuits!

Making History

Historical fiction author specializing in alternate historicals, Shakespearean adaptations, and historical time-travel.

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