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An Enthralling Adventure Series Set at the End of the War of the Roses

Some secrets are best left forgotten… Sir John Hawker’s mission to Venice has ended in disaster. Escape from the Doge’s clutches has come at a price though: Maria, the mysterious Hungarian noblewoman who spirited them out of the Serene Republic, offers a new contract as the price of their freedom.

She wants Hawker and his charge, Sir Giles Ellingham, illegitimate son of Richard III, to help her find and free her father – believed long dead. Hawker and Ellingham agree reluctantly, for her father is none other than Vladislav Dracula, the infamous Impaler.

Any rescue will be fraught with danger. There are powerful forces at work who do not want the great warlord found, and so Maria also hires a band of mercenaries including a dubious figure from Hawker’s past, Ser Bartolo Faldi. But is Maria who she says she is? Giles seems to be falling under her spell, his growing infatuation leading the band deeper into unknown territory and into even greater risk. Is she looking for more than just her father?

From the fringes of the Hungarian empire to the mountainous forests of Wallachia, Hawker must contend with enemies on all sides, and potentially within the company itself...

The exciting sequel to Hawker and the King’s Jewel – described by Bernard Cornwell as ‘brilliant… told with verve and pace’ – perfect for fans of Christian Cameron and David Gilman.

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ETHAN BALE was a defence journalist in both Washington and London before he turned to writing historical novels, non-fiction and short stories. Despite covering modern military technology for much of his professional career, he was always passionate about times past, particularly the Renaissance and early modern Europe.

The Lost Prince by Ethan Bale

Canelo | On Sale: 6 July 2023 | Paperback £9.99 | Ebook £3.99

ISBN:9781800329706, 368 pages

For further information, please contact Kate Shepherd -

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