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Our New "Discover History" Pages

We have two new pages - special features geared towards readers who love the genre. Are you looking for a new historical fiction novel to read? Or are you looking for suggestions on a recent released historical movie or show? Perhaps, you would love to watch some book trailers to decide which book to read?

We have it all!

On our Discover History page, you can browse through post after post of book excerpts, small little teasers to whet your appetite for the book - and with one click, you can read the entire excerpt, the author bio, book blurb, and BUY THE BOOK!

Book excerpts are a great way to sample a novel before purchasing!

Next, we have the "Moving Pictures" page filled with blog postings about the upcoming historical movies, TV shows, and book trailers playing. These posts will span the globe and travel through time, giving you a preview of the best in historical fiction.

Come browse the pages and find your next historical read!

Dee Marley

The Historical Fiction Company CEO

The Hist Fic Chickie


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