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Three New Ways to Become a Sponsor
or Advertise with The Historical Fiction Company, Historical Times Magazine, and History Bards Podcast

#1 - Banner or Animated Ads for
Banner at Top of Website

(scroll down for Magazine Only Ads below)

The "easy peasy" way to market your book.

One static banner ad or one animated ad posted to HFC website (top gallery on the homepage)  and shared across social media for one month, plus all static banners will be posted on a page in the Historical Times magazine.

(Facebook (4-5 groups for a total of 20,000 reach), Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter)

Static Banner Ad - Posted to the top banner ad on the homepage and various pages throughout the website.

Custom designed and downloadable for your use, plus shared for one month across social media.

STATIC BANNER ADS will also post inside the Historical Times magazine.

Animated Banner Ad

Custom designed 10=second and downloadable for your use, plus shared for one month across social media.

This purchase includes your animated ad posted either pre-roll or post-roll for the History Bards podcast videos

which will post to our Youtube Channel. Animated ads will also post to our Tiktok channel.

Custom Book Trailer

Custom designed 1-2 minute book trailer and downloadable for your use, plus shared for one month across social media.

and will feature on our book trailer page on the HFC website.

This purchase includes your book trailer posted either pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll for the History Bards podcast videos

which will post to our Youtube Channel. Book trailers will also post to our Tiktok channel.




#2 - Historical Times Magazine
Author Ads

With the our new Historical Times magazine, authors now have a whole new way to promote their books with HFC.

Ads will also be shared across social media the month/months the ad appears in the selected month. This is a great venue for anyone with a new release or special promotion.

The spots fill up quick, so check the open spots and reserve your ad today.

BANNER AD PURCHASES will also post on the scrolling header on the website and across social media for one month.

(8 spots - banners; 4 spots - 1/4 page; 2 spots - 1/2 page; 2 spots - full page; 1 spot - back cover - EACH ISSUE)

#3 - "History Bards" Podcast Sponsorship

Thank you for inquiring about our sponsorship packages for the “History Bards” podcast. We are envisioning great things for this podcast for 2024 and we are excited that you want to be a part of our journey. As an author, you well know the importance of capturing the attention of the readers, especially when dealing with a niche audience such as the historical fiction readership worldwide.


Below is a list of the offerings for ad rolls within the podcast, and all offerings are discussed with the author upon selection and payment.

Author Interviews

All author interviews are free, but we do ask for you to consider sponsoring an episode or subscribing to the Historical Times Magazine. Thank you!

To book an author interview, please fill out the form HERE


PURCHASE A 10-SECOND ANIMATED AD ABOVE, and it will be placed either pre-roll or post-roll in an episode of the History Bards podcast. Viewable on our Youtube Channel. Ad will also post to our Tiktok channel and run for one month across social media.




View a sample content episode:


When going this route, the author sponsors the podcast in exchange for creating content about a relevant topic, such as any historical topic related to their novel. In essence, the entire 25-30 minute episode will be about YOUR book and the historical background of the book. Just like a native ad, sponsored content will mention the product or brand directly, and the host of the podcast will mention which author and novel has sponsored that specific episode. The value of sponsored content is that it can help to boost brand recognition.

For purchase of a sponsored content ad, you will be featured in the Historical Times magazine, as well, under the "PLATINUM SPONSORS" with free banner advertising.


The prices below are per episode.


Custom 30-minute episode themed around your book, with Tiktok and Youtube inclusion, as well - $500 ; private Zoom meeting to set up content episode between host and author, plus consultation on content for the episode. Author may provide author pic, bio, and any other relevant copyright free images to include in the Youtube version of the episode which will air at the same time as the podcast airing date.

This is great for any author who has a new release or special promotion coming up. Please schedule at least a month in advance of your release or promotion.

Please fill out form below to request an ad or a content episode for the podcast.

Select an item ($)

Podcast hosts will be in touch with you to discuss

your ad or your content episode.

Thanks for submitting!

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