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An Uplifting Story of Loss, Faith and Love - an Editorial Review of "Guilty of Stealing His Heart"

Book Blurb:

Betrayed by her parents and her criminal husband, naive young widow Carrie Wagner flees her home in Columbus, Ohio, to follow her dream of starting over in California. Even though she’s sworn off men, Carrie is determined to carry on and adopt orphans, creating the loving family home she longs for. But, when an uneducated, foul-mouthed, stowaway, twelve-year-old Billy drops into her life, her dreams are one step closer to being answered.

When handsome JT Grant saves her, setting her nerves tingling and testing her sworn celibacy, she’s determined to push on, not trusting her heart after so many betrayals.

Ex-Pinkerton detective JT Grant has pledged to avenge the death of his best friend, Hank Lipton, a man who saved his life twice. And then he meets Carrie. She’s an ornery woman who needs protection, but she’s also alluring in a way he cannot resist. JT finds himself falling for the petite, chestnut beauty, but he faces a conflict because his heartbreaking secrets could keep Carrie from her goals.

Beset with hardships, chased by criminals, and under constant threat of death, these two strangers form a bond forged by heartache and desperation. Together, they seek truth, justice, and the fulfillment of their dreams.

Lovers of historicals, murder mysteries, western romances, and inspirationals will lose themselves in this uplifting story of loss, faith, and love. This page-turner will have you missing sleep and forgetting appointments.

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Author Bio:

Nancy Lynn White was born in Washington, D.C. into the nomadic life of a military family. She has one beautiful daughter and two of the most-loved grandchildren on the planet. She graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio with a B.A. in English/Professional Writing. She is now self-employed as a freelance writer. She has the following creative non-fiction short stories published in magazines: “The Boss from Hell”, Work Literary Magazine, November 2014; “You’re Safer in a Plane Than a Car”, Shatter the Looking Glass Literary Magazine, January 2015; “Sippin’ Bourbon Dressing”, Good Ole Days Magazine, December 2016. Lastly, my romance novel, "Guilty of Stealing His Heart" was released June 2023. More information can be found on my website:

Editorial Review:

In the tapestry of Nancy L. White's "Guilty of Stealing His Heart: Never Say You Love Me," we are swept into a historical romance that enthralls the heart and mind. It is a tale that stretches across the expanse of life itself, a narrative of love and resilience that unfurls before us, captivating our senses and emotions. The eponymous phrase, "Guilty of Stealing His Heart," suggests a profound transgression, a crime of the heart that lingers in the deepest recesses of our souls. With a masterful touch, White weaves the threads of this story, setting a stage where our hearts and minds are the audience.

At its core, this novel revolves around the character of Carrie Wagner, a woman who has been wronged by not only her nefarious husband but also her very own parents. She stands as a widow, innocent and somewhat naive in her understanding of the world's true ways. In an audacious move, she forsakes her Columbus, Ohio domicile in pursuit of a fresh start on the distant shores of California, clutching onto nothing but a dream. A dream, it seems, is all that remains when the heart is a shattered vessel, and one yearns for an elusive chance at redemption.

Carrie's vow to have no further dealings with men becomes the cornerstone of her existence as she shifts her focus towards a noble purpose: the adoption of children who have been orphaned, and her unwavering commitment to providing them the home and family she has forever yearned for. It is at this juncture that a curious character emerges in the form of Billy, a precocious twelve-year-old with the demeanor of an adult. Carrie senses a divine hand at play, guiding her towards this peculiar young soul, believing him to be an instrument in realizing her dreams. And then, in an unforeseen twist, JT enters the stage.

JT, a detective wrapped in the enigma of his own life and consumed by the pursuit of justice, finds himself intertwined with the destiny of Carrie. His best friend's demise is a mystery that plagues his existence, a riddle he is determined to unravel. He never envisioned encountering a woman who would turn his world upside down with such force, yet there she stands – Carrie, a woman he should stay away from, yet inexplicably drawn to. The novel's central question arises: what course are these two souls, burdened by their own histories and insecurities, to chart together?

From the very outset, White's storytelling prowess draws us into the narrative. It is not merely a matter of words on paper but a transmutation of thought into emotion, where the characters breathe and the setting pulsates with life. Carrie, with her well-rounded persona teeming with dreams, plans, and hopes, is a character so lifelike that it seems as though she walks among us. Her aspirations resonate with readers as they mirror the deepest desires of the human soul.

JT, on the other hand, is equally fully fleshed out. The juxtaposition of his character against Carrie's creates a dynamic interplay that propels the story forward. The complexities of their individual histories and the allure of their future possibilities make them feel not as fictional creations, but as people one might encounter in the course of life's journey. This depth of character development is one of the novel's most profound strengths.

What distinguishes White's narrative is her commitment to allowing the plot to mature organically. She takes the time to unfold the storyline, presenting obstacles that demand contemplation and action. The hazardous situations she devises are unpredictable, thrusting the characters and, by extension, the reader into a maelstrom of emotions and dilemmas. This is not merely a romance; it is an emotional personal drama interwoven with overarching themes of dreams, truth, and justice. The narrative becomes a reflection of the human experience itself, with its ups and downs, its dreams and harsh realities.

"Guilty of Stealing His Heart: Never Say You Love Me" is not confined to the narrow genre of historical romance. It reaches beyond such boundaries, incorporating elements of suspenseful mysteries that keep the reader on edge, always yearning to unveil the secrets concealed within the narrative's layers. It is a story that inspires, not through idealistic notions of love but through the enduring human spirit and the quest for truth and justice.

The characters are not mere ink and paper, but rather mirrors in which we discern our own dreams and aspirations. Carrie and JT invite us to embark on a journey, to introspect and confront our own past mistakes and future possibilities. They are not merely characters; they are the embodiment of the world's untamed desires, the manifestations of the human condition.

In conclusion, "Guilty of Stealing His Heart: Never Say You Love Me" is a book that transcends the boundaries of its genre, inviting us to experience a world that is at once historical, romantic, and profoundly human. Nancy L. White has crafted a narrative that weaves intricate threads of emotion, suspense, and inspiration, creating a literary tapestry that captivates and enthralls. This is a book that will leave a lasting imprint on the reader's soul, a story that will continue to resonate long after the final page is turned, and stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.


“Guilty of Stealing His Heart” by Nancy L. White receives 4.5 stars from The Historical Fiction Company


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