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Release Day for "Liopleurodon: The Master of the Deep" by M. B. Zucker

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Congratulations to M. B. Zucker for his new release, "Liopleurodon: the Master of the Deep", a historical fantasy novel published by Historium Press!!

Book Blurb:

From M. B. Zucker, award-winning author of "The Eisenhower Chronicles"

Liopleurodon ferox was the deadliest sea predator of all time, the king of the Jurassic ocean. This whale-sized reptile's return to the early twentieth century triggers a geopolitical crisis in this new historical science fiction thriller. Former President Theodore Roosevelt foresees the threat the Liopleurodon would pose if it falls into the wrong hands. The race is on as Roosevelt leads the American effort to destroy it before the Kaiser's Germany can turn it into a weapon.

Fans of Jurassic Park and Steve Alten's Meg series will not want to miss this adventure filled with action, political intrigue, and characters that readers will remember long after finishing this novel.

Advance Praise for Liopleurodon: The Master of the Deep - "The storyline itself was superb ---- A Jaws/Jurassic Park thriller and a bit of a spy novel all in one - and compelling." - The Historical Fiction Company

Author Bio:

M. B. Zucker lives with his wife in Northern Virginia.

He began writing when he was in middle school. He wrote his first novel, "Lio: King of the Carnivores," when he was fourteen, and his second novel, "A Great Soldier in the Last Great War," when he was sixteen. Both became Amazon bestsellers.

His first adult novel is "The Eisenhower Chronicles," a three-volume biographical novel about Dwight Eisenhower. The novel is told through a series of stories that are both designed to stand alone but, together, bring Ike back to life and present his place in history as the most important individual in defending the world from fascism, communism, and nuclear weapons.


The Liopleurodon swallowed his kill, but he had wasted too much energy chasing such a small meal. He swam further out. He smelled a larger target-another shark, but this one was half the reptile's length. He had never encountered a shark this size before, misidentifying it as a small Leedsichthys. But the pliosaur had an easy way to learn the truth-taste it.

This attack's opening moves mirrored the last one. The Liopleurodon came from below, and the whale shark's ampullae of Lorenzini alerted it to the aggressor. The reptile's reinforced rib cage allowed it to out-maneuver his victim, and he grabbed hold of the shark's left pectoral fin. The fish's thrashing only sank the reptile's teeth deeper. The Liopleurodon shook his neck, tearing the fin off. The whale shark retreated, bleeding but not mortally wounded. The Liopleurodon swallowed the fin and gave chase. He had little trouble catching up with his victim and bit down on the shark's tail. The whale shark spasmed, its weight swinging upward, as the pliosaur increased his grip. The Liopleurodon thrashed his neck and tore the shark's tail loose. He then devoured the whale shark's remains.

History's greatest carnivore had returned.


Praise for M. B. Zucker's novels:

A Great Soldier in the Last War- "Great plot, well researched, an engrossing story, a well worked out version of the secrets of the war."

-John Mosier, author of Hitler vs. Stalin: The Eastern Front

The Eisenhower Chronicles - "An ambitious novel that illuminates the complexity of one of the great figures of the twentieth century. Ike's homespun manner concealed a remarkably skilled, at times Machiavellian, leader who guided the nation through perilous times. M.B. Zucker brings us inside Eisenhower's world as he wrestles with a series of decisions affecting the survival of free government and the fate of humanity. This is a fun, fast-paced, informative read that captures the man and his times. Highly recommended."

Stephen F. Knott, Professor of National Security at the Naval War College and author of Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance that Forged America

Book Trailer:


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