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Dealing a Blow to Nazi Ideology

In 1938, against a backdrop of the war in Europe, German Max Schmeling loses to the American Joe Louis in the first round of a fight at Yankee Stadium. After watching the defeat of his national hero to a "schwarze," and to Max Baer, a Jew, a few years earlier, Karl Seger decides to stage a boxing exhibition at Camp Siegfried, the Nazi youth camp he runs on Long Island, inviting three Jewish boxers, trainer Jackie and his proteges Ruby and Moe, to serve as sacrificial lambs in a display of German superiority.

For Seger, the exhibition is a way to advance his career and to restore his wounded pride and the pride of his people. For the Jewish boxers it is a chance to physically take a stand against anti-Semitism and deal a blow to Nazi ideology.


Five-Star Bronze Winner for the Novella Category in the 2022 HFC Book of the Year contest

"At the Corner of Hitler & Goering" by Joseph Kovler

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