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Motivated by the memory of her mother dying in her arms, Esperanza resolves that she will one day walk the halls of the Scola Medica at Salerno and train to become a healer. Fate brought Amika, a talented herbalist, into her life and helped Esperanza take her first steps toward gaining the knowledge that would fulfill her dream. Unfortunately, a tragic accident forced Esperanza to flee Amika's home. Her journey toward finding the path to success is littered with stumbling blocks, some more difficult to avoid than she expected.




Advance Praise for "Esperanza's Way"

"Esperanza struggles to achieve her dreams despite the setbacks she encounters. Set in Europe during the Middle Ages, the plot conforms to the historical accuracy of the era. A varied cast of well-developed characters move the drama along at a brisk pace. The subplots of romance, acceptance, and the gradual passing of the torch between generations are balanced and individually interesting, especially considering how fluidly Maynard weaves all of them into one storyline. Esperanza's Way provides immersive entertainment with a high degree of realism brought to life courtesy of Maynard's engaging style of storytelling." - Reader's Favorite Review

"Esperanza's Way" (Book Two in the Seekers Series) by Cindy Burkart Maynard

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