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It is 1109 and the Welsh warrior and firebrand, Owain ap Cadwgan abducts Princess
Nest and her children from the castle she shares with her husband, Gerald of
Windsor. Henry, Norman king of England, furious since Nest is also his lover and
mother of his son, begins a manhunt to find Owain and Nest. While Owain’s actions
make him a figurehead for resistance to the Norman presence in Wales, not all
Welsh nobles want to see him triumph: many have their own ambitions.
In Gwynedd, Gruffydd ap Cynan and his wife Angharad, risk everything to hide
Owain and Nest despite the vindictive efforts of Gronwy ap Owain, Angharad's
brother, who would like to see Gruffydd and Owain dead. Owain’s actions start a
spark that leads to hostilities which could end in Gruffydd’s downfall at the hands of
the Normans or his Welsh enemies. Can Gruffydd and his family survive the greatest
army ever led against Wales?

This sequel to ‘‘The Welsh Traitor’s Daughter’’ is based on true events and
characters. The story of ‘’The Welsh Warrior’s Inheritance’’ is one of forbidden love,
jealousy, greed, ambition, betrayal, and courage against the odds. The Welsh are at
their finest and their worst as life is lived on a knife edge. It is truly one of the most
exciting times in Welsh history.

"The Welsh Warrior's Inheritance" by Arianwen Nunn

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