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It's 1941 and something is buried in Eunice's garden.... It's Eunice!

Meet Connecticut Talker Tscharner - "Cat" to his friends. It's 1941 and he wants to serve his country, but a high school football injury has left him too crippled to sign up. He has dreams of sleuthing-but how can you make a living doing that in a small, quiet Carolina town? Besides, he's saddled with running his sick father's grocery store. But fate is preparing a hurricane of troubles: military wives are turning up dead and buried in their gardens. A poisoner is fixing her deadly charms on Cat's own family, and a ruthless German spy is sending convoy locations to an offshore U-boat, killing anyone who gets in his way.

Every one - victims and perpetrators - are people he knows, and many of them are ones he loves. Cat soon finds himself in the tangle of all three webs and must battle to expose them all to save himself, to serve his country, and to rescue his town.

"Victory Gardens" by Bill Hand

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