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2022 HFC Category Winners!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Congratulations to all the category winners for the 2022 HFC Book of the Year.

Thank you to all the authors who submitted this year, and we look forward to an even bigger and better contest this next year.

If your name is on the list, please check in your email on December 31, 2022 for the virtual award badge as we will start sending those out by 8:30 a.m. EST.

To purchase book stickers for physical books, please email us at to request the link and password for sticker purchase.



Gold Winter Pale Marina Koulouri

Silver Leningrad: The People's Siege Rachel Heil

Bronze War Sonnets Barbara Bittel

Honorable The Ring Breaker Jean Gill

Honorable From the Drop of Heaven Juliette Godot


Gold The Shadow of the Mole Bob Van Laerhoven

Silver The Dream Collector Ronald w. Meek

Bronze Sabrine & Vincent Ronald w. Meek


Silver Woodston Kate Westwood

Bronze Beneath the Darkening Clouds Juliane Weber

Honorable Discerning Grace Emma Lombard


Gold EO-N Dave Mason

Silver Floats the Dark Shadow Yves Fey

Bronze Bitter Draughts Yves Fey

Honorable Savage City Donald Levin


Gold Close Your Eyes Chris Tomasini

Silver Cate's Crossing Brandon Maggart

Bronze Gallow's Wake Helen Hollick

Honorable Strung Roske

American (General & Western)

Gold Blind Tribute Mari Christie

Silver Daisy Chain Justine Gilbert

Bronze This Hallowed Ground Donna E. Lane

Honorable Firmitas Danuta Pfeiffer

Honorable Bone Necklace Julia Sullivan

Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland

Gold The Godmother's Secret Elizabeth St. John

Silver Small Eden Jane Davis

Silver An Untimely Frost Ted Morrissey

Bronze Beheld Christopher Cevasco

Honorable Ascent Cathie Dunn

Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, Central & South America

Gold The Dream Collector Ronald w. Meek

Silver The Merest Loss Steven Neil

Bronze Harvest of Fear Anna Cienska

Honorable Mention The Angel of Alta Langa Suzanne Hoffman

Ancient World

Silver Broken Bones/Shattered Spears Edward Rickford

Bronze Bitter for Sweet Daryl Potter

YA, Teen, Children

Gold Boy at the Crossroads Mary Ford

Silver The Founding Michael Ross

Bronze Hold Fast Bird Jones

Honorable The Adventures of Ruby Pi Tom Durwood

(Geometry Girls)

Biography, Autobiography

Gold The Godmother's Secret Elizabeth St. John

Silver Black, White, and Gray All Over Frederick Douglas Reynolds

Bronze The Importance of Sons Kiera Morgan

Honorable Unfinished Kelly Evans

Honorable The Eisenhower Chronicles M. B. Zucker

Time Travel, Dual Timeline

Gold The Admiral's Wife M. K. Tod

Silver The Prisoner of Paradise Rob Samborn

Bronze Of Ripeness & the River Mary F. Burns

Honorable Finding Jane Elizabeth Conte


Gold Confederacy of Fenians James T. Nealon

Silver The Name I Chose Naima Haviland

Bronze Signum T. R. Burgess


Gold Sir John James Taylor Richard R. Pyves

Silver Tapestry Malve von Hassell

Bronze Abigail Adams Mary Rae Mauch


Gold A Hundred Sweet Promises Sepehr Haddad

Silver One Must Tell the Bees J. Lawrence Matthews

Bronze We Shall Not Shatter Elaine Stock

Honorable Our Daughter's Last Hope Elaine Stock


Gold First Kings & Other Stories Ted Morrissey

Silver Someone to Believe In Glena G. Walker

Bronze At the Corner of Hitler & Goering Joseph Kovler

Finalists – Short-listed

The Book of the Year and the Runner-Up will be chosen from this list!

Ted Morrissey

Sepehr Haddad

Richard R. Pyves

James T. Nealon

M K Tod

Elizabeth St. John

Mary Ford

Ric Szabo

Ronald w. Meek

Mari Christie

Chris Tomasini

Dave Mason

Alice McVeigh

Bob Van Laerhoven

Marina Koulouri


Winner and Runner-Up for the 2022 HFC Book Awards announced at 12:01 am EST on January 1st, 2023 - New Year's Eve!!


To enter the 2023 HFC Book of the Year contest and request an editorial review, please go here: ENTER


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