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UPDATED! Longlisted Authors for the 2022 HFC Book of the Year Contest

Updated: Jan 1, 2023


We apologize, our system had a glitch and some of the names did not post. We've updated the previous post, but we are reposting so that all the longlisted authors and books are recognized. Please re-visit to see if you are on the list!! Again, we apologize for the glitch!!


A whole year has passed full of amazing books submitted this year for the 2022 Book of the Year awards. First and foremost, thank you to everyone who submitted, you truly made our job at HFC incredibly hard with the amount of quality historical fiction which passed across our desks.

Without much ado, let's get down to business!

Announcing the long-listed authors for the 2022 HFC Book of the Year awards.

If your name is on the list, you are a semi-finalist in the upcoming category awards, which will award a bronze, silver, and gold medal award badge in each category on December 31, 2022. The grand prize will be selected from the gold category winners for Book of the Year.

We wish you all much success and congratulations on making it to this list!!

To enter the 2023 Book of the Year awards, go here:

All 4 - 5 star books reviewed or rated during 2022 are longlisted. You are only eligible to use the "Highly Recommended" award of excellence badge if your book received a five-star rating or review. (Disclaimer: some 4 star books may be eligible for an award if there is not an eligible 5-star book in a category, thus the reason that all 4 and 5-star books are longlisted.)

Book Title Author


Reliquary Prue Batten

I Am Germany Michael Witt

The Sicilian Sorceress Mary Knight

Discerning Grace Emma Lombard

A Lady Newspaperman's Dilemma Eileen Donovan

Confederacy of Fenians James D. Nealon

The Curse of Beauty Lauren Merewether

The Prisoner of Paradise Rob Samborn

A Cord of Three Strands Christy Distler

Saints, Strangers, and Rosehip Tea Toni Kief

Wealth and Privilege Jeanette Watts

Brains and Beauty Jeanette Watts

My Dearest Miss Fairfax Jeanette Watts

Dream of Courage Paul Rushworth-Brown

Skulduggery Paul Rushworth-Brown

Notebook Mysteries - Emma Kimberly Mullins

The Saint Nicholas Society Ben Bongers

The Whaler's Daughter Jerry Mikorenda

McRae - Murder at the Opera Steve Bartholomew

Begin the Beguine Bruce Graham

Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves Jack Heerema

Tapestry - My Mother's Life Malve von Hassell

Knights of the Air Iain Stewart

Masada: Thou Shalt Not Kill Shimon Avish

Winter's Reckoning Adele Holmes

Blind Tribute Mari Christie

Forgiving Nero Mary Ann Bernal

Sitting on Top of the World Cheryl King

The Architect of Auschwitz S. J. Tagliareni

I Am Ushriya Beverly Young

Finding the Way Cindy Maynard

The D'urberville Inheritance Patricia Dolling-Mann

Unfinished - The Inspiring Life of Elizabeth Sirani Kelly Evans

Strung Roske

After Pearl Stephen Eoannou

Rook Stephen Eoannou

Sunflowers Beneath the Snow Teri M. Brown

Wild Field Johnny Stonborough

E-ON Dave Mason

The Bookmark Anne Suspic

The Bullet Ridden Baby Carriage Vaughn Roste

Tales of the Romanov Empire Tamar Anolic

A Lonely Spirit Tamar Anolic

Northern Shadows Daniel Greene

In Imminent Danger of Slipping into Barbarism A. L. Padden

A Short and Unhappy Courtship A. L. Padden

This Hallowed Ground Donna E. Lane

First Kings and Other Stories Ted Morrissey

An Untimely Frost Ted Morrissey

The Banana Farm David Lane

Traitor MacGuire C. R. Dempsey

The Puppetmaker's Daughter Karla M. Jay

The Seventh Circle Thomas Bauer

Dancing to Her Own Tune Sara Powter & Shelia Hunter

The Third Daughter Fiona Forsyth

Trip Around the Sun Joseph Colby

Trip Around the Sun - Book Two Joseph Colby

Sawyer's Regret E. Raymond Tatten

The Red Path M. Daniel Smith

Savage City Donald Levin

Cate's Crossing Brandon Maggart

Where the Possums Dance & the Willows Sing Brandon Maggart

Driftless Ardys Richards

Broken Bones Edward Rickford

Beheld - Godiva's Story Christopher Cevasco

Yonder and Far: the Lost Lock Matthew C. Lucas

Boy at the Crossroads Mary Ford

The True Purpose of Vines Giovanna Siniscalchi

The Taste of Light Giovanna Siniscalchi

Trigger Point Tony Roth

Black, White and Gray All Over Frederick Reynolds

The King's Inquisitor Tonya Ulynn Brown

Take Height, Rutterkin Pat Bunting

Southern Change Victoria Laurienzo

Walks the Sky Ron Habeck

The Road Remembered Kaye Schmitz

The Spanish Slave Greg Fisher

The Spy Who Sank the Armada David West

Called to Account David West

Leningrad: The People's Siege Rachel Heil

Leningrad: The People's Hero Rachel Heil

The Value of an Anne Elliot Kate Westwood

Woodston: a Sequel to Northanger Abbey Kate Westwood

Codename: Mermaid Michael Emberger

Vengeance for All Things Anthony Flacco

Gold in Peace, Iron in War Anthony Flacco

Sisters of Castle Leod Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

Whatever Lies Beyond Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

War Sonnets Susannah Willey

Liopleurodon M. B. Zucker

The Eisenhower Chronicles M. B. Zucker

One Merciful Moment Sheri Farago

Bitter Draughts Yves Fey

Floats the Dark Shadow Yves Fey

Conecuh Herb Hughes

Tennessee Yankee Herb Hughes

A Hittite and a Shaman Naveen Sridhar

No Safe Haven Angela Moody

The Last Daughter Belle Ami

Daisy Chain Justine Gilbert

Rising Sun K. D. Allbaugh

These Sacred Lands James Harold Kelly

The Courier's Wife Vanessa Lind

The Name I Chose Naima Haviland

Beneath the Darkening Clouds Juliane Weber

The Man from Burnt Island Wendy Thomson

Bone Necklace Julia Sullivan

John Law Pat Silver-Lasky

My Search for Air - novel & audiobook Jeanne K. Johnson

Harvest of Fear Anne Cienska

Tangled Spirits Kate Shanahan

Naked Truth or Equality Carrie Hayes

The Importance of Sons Kiera Morgan

The Last Ziti Michael Caiazzo

Bitter for Sweet Daryl Potter

Our Daughter's Last Hope Elaine Stock

We Shall Not Shatter - audiobook Elaine Stock

The Douglas Bastard J. R. Tomlin

Trust and Treason J. R. Tomlin

Castle Gordon Sue Jaskula

Finding Jane Elizabeth Conte

That Dickinson Girl Joan Koster

The Enchanted Journal Gordon Buck - Sandlin

Timepath Gordon Buck - Sandlin

Ranger Timothy Ashby

Crossing the Ford Gail Hertzog

A Roman Death Denise O'Hagan

Firmitas Danuta Pfeiffer

The Soldier and the Orphan Alastair Henry

Small Eden Jane Davis

Silk Sophia Alexander

Tapestry Sophia Alexander

Ambition Frank Baillargeon

Maiden Scars Nicolette Croft

The Pen and the Sword Mark Munger

The Guild of Salt and the King's Messenger Robin Isard

Kinship Merry Benezra

Close Your Eyes Chris Tomasini

Baker Street Irregular Craig W. Fisher

The Secret of Four Notch Tracy Sabin

From the Drop of Heaven Juliette Godot

Siciliana: A Novel Carl Treviso

To Alaska or Bust Linda Wagner

The Walk of the Wandering Man Ric Szabo

Caught in a Trance David Fitz-Gerald

Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep's Story A. M. Watson

The Light Among Us: Cornwall Jill George

Winter Pale Marina Koulouri

To Be Free Lloyd Mullins

Skulls Vengence Linnea Tanner

The Admiral's Wife M. K. Tod

Paris in Ruins M. K. Tod

The Kingston Twins Deb Stratas

Song for the Widowmaker Gail Fraser

Return to Bayeux Cilinda Stroud

What We Leave Behind Barb Solberg

The Merest Loss Stephen Neil

The Dream Collector R. w. Meek

Sabrine and Vincent - Book Two R. w. Meek

Bayou Fire Sharon Cathcart

The Glovemaker's War Katherine Williams

The Whispering Women Trish MacEnulty

Susan - a Jane Austen Prequel Alice McVeigh

A Hundred Sweet Promises - audiobook Sepehr Haddad

Through These Dark Gates Brooklyn K. Biegel

Eden Waits - audiobook Maryka Biaggio

The Model Spy Maryka Biaggio

The Spirited Mrs Pringle Jilliane Hamilton

Matching Miss Moon K. Lyn Smith

Franco's Lost Gold Johan Rosenlind

The Godmother's Secret Elizabeth St. John

Signum T. R. Burgess

She Serves the Realm Lee Swanson

Her Dangerous Journey Home Lee Swanson

Ascent Cathie Dunn

A Peculiar Enchantment Kathleen Buckley

Texian by Choice Peter Schram

Yelling at the Stars Michael Hertzog

To Shine With Honor Scott Amis

My Mother's Friend Sally Jameson Bond

What a Difference a Journey Makes Celia Martin

Magnus Maximus Brent Reilly

The Shadow of the Mole Bob van Laerhoven

When We Return Eliana Tobias

Soul Scepter Eric Westergard

Mask of Dreams Leigh Grant

The Empress' Gift Ellen Laubhan

Secret Lives Anna Jensen

The Conjurer's Apprentice G. J. Williams

Angels and Bandits Brodie Curtis

The Founding Michael Ross

Maggies' Dream Leslie Tall Manning

Sincerity is a Goddess Adam Alexander Haviaras

Of Ripeness & the River Mary F. Burns

Violet Yorke P. J. McIlvaine

Lost Souls Recovered Eric Walker

The Lost Chapters of Humanity on Earth Anastasia Martin

The Muse of Freedom Jules Larimore

Alfred of Wessex Michael Carden

The Ring Breaker Jean Gill

Faith on the Mall Ann Beltran

The Investigation Officer's File Dallas Clark

The Welsh Traitor's Daughter Arianwen Nunn

The Cimbri Appear Jeff Nein

One Must Tell the Bees - audiobook J. Lawrence Matthews

Yellow Sky Revolt Baptiste Pinson Wu

Where David Threw Stones Elyse Hoffman

At the Corner of Hitler and Goering Joseph Kovler

Gallows Wake Helen Hollick

Walking in the Shadow Carmen Radtke

Someone to Believe In Glena G. Walker

Lilacs in the Dust Bowl Diana Stevens

Sunflowers in the Sun Diana Stevens

Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls Tom Durwood

Ruby Pi and the Math Girls Tom Durwood

The War Never Ended Lucinda Heck

Murder at Old St. Thomas Lisa M. Lane

Escape Route Elan Barnehama

Gift of Diamonds Roberta Seret

The Story of Humanity Ishi Nobu

What We Leave Behind Barb Solberg

The Ghost Rider Ellen Read

Under the Dirt Sky Callie Trautmiller

Arlen's Gun Edgar Doleman

Tomb for an Eagle Lexie Conygham

A Century of Promises Jeffrey Neto

Acts of the Women Patrick W. Anderson

Sir John James Taylor Richard R. Pyves

The Intrepid Life of Abigail Adams Mary Rae Mauch

Sid Johnson Frances Schoonmaker

Hold Fast Bird Jones

Our Eternal Souls P. L. Jonas

Dolley Madison and the War of 1812 Libby Carty McNamee

Falling for Elizabeth Bennet Debra-Ann Kummoung

Angel of Alta Langa Suzanne Hoffman

Arabella's Assistant Judy Lynn Ichkhanian

Texian by Choice Peter Schram

Lies That Blind E. S. Alexander

My Mother's Secret Alina Adams

Angelina's Secret Diane Merrill Wigginton

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