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A Fae Caught in Agincourt - an Editorial Review of "Destiny Awaiting"

Book Blurb:

She stole away to discover a new world, but interrupted a thief.

Now Aioffe can’t escape from him, the impending war or her growing curiosity.

Lost and alone in Henry V’s dangerous world, runaway fae Aioffe must rely on her newfound human captor, Tarl, to keep her safe. Yet his secrets could put both of them in greater peril than either could have imagined.

Forced to enlist with Henry V's army, Tarl battles his conscience to keep flighty Aioffe hidden, while she struggles to find her place in medieval human society. As they travel through medieval Scotland, Wales, and England towards war with France, they must discover the power of true love and reveal themselves if they are to survive the destiny awaiting them at Agincourt.

★★★★★ Brimming with betrayal, drama and magic, Destiny Awaiting re-imagines history in a medieval historical fantasy adventure. Explore the personal cost of warfare alongside the joy of finding love in the most unexpected of places in this thrilling and romantic prequel to the Naturae Series. Weaving historical events with fantasy, escape into a magical past filled with danger and intrigue. If you enjoy authentic history with a twist of the fantastic, you'll love Aioffe and Tarl's journey to Agincourt, where their battles of the heart are destined to fight with faith and hope. ★★★★★

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5***** “Foster has again done an excellent job of bringing the setting and characters to life, taking the reader back in time to a historical era where magic is very real.” The Faerie Review

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Author Bio:

By day, Jan juggles consultancy work with her family, but by night she sneaks off, into the past. Her penchant for sprinkling history with magic is fueled by coffee and Cadburys. When not writing, Jan takes her dogs and small monsters into the countryside, especially if there is a castle or historic building there with a cosy coffee shop in which to escape the rain of Manchester, England.

You can follow what Jan is up to on social media @janfosterauthor or check out her website for more details on publications and other articles or short stories written by her

Editorial Review:

Stood in front of him, the girl-angel’s enormous wings would have eclipsed his view of the Father were they not translucent and shredded. She was broken. But Tarl could do no more than just stand there. Spellbound. Was she some kind of angel, like those painted on church walls?

Father McTavish sneered. “You cannot fly, or run. Even if you did make it home, somehow, you have broken the Treaty several times over. They will not want you back.”

You don’t know how wrong you are,” she whispered. “Am I? There are only us three here.” His head cocked. “Your death, and his, won’t be remarkable.

In the realm of fiction where historical settings intertwine with magical realms, Jan Foster's "Destiny Awaiting" stands as a compelling fusion of two genres that, at first glance, might seem disparate. Yet, within this tapestry of medieval societies, otherworldly beings, and war-torn landscapes, Foster weaves a tale that is not only enthralling but also thought-provoking.

The narrative opens with a captivating premise: Aioffe, a fey-like girl, finds herself stranded and injured in an unfamiliar land after a rough landing. With her ethereal wings now tattered, she must navigate this perilous terrain, and in doing so, she crosses paths with Tarl, a human boy. Their encounter is the catalyst for a series of events that intertwines their destinies in ways they could never have foreseen.

On a horse, by foot, or over sea, remaining with him to discover more about humankind was undoubtedly a great challenge. Flying North, to return to her life in Naturae, equally possible.

And entirely unwanted.

Aioffe beamed at the moon, then twirled around, pointing her toes and stretching her arms high. There wasn’t really a decision to be decided; she’d already made it before in her heart. Even as the opportunity to change her mind presented itself, she was still certain. She had discovered how to alleviate her need to fly and recaptured the freedom of the sky.

Everything felt possible.

The initial confrontation between Aioffe and Tarl leads them to the attention of a blood-thirsty, vampiric priest named Father McTavish. This ominous encounter propels the story forward, setting the stage for their shared journey. Foster masterfully crafts tension in this moment, foreshadowing the challenges and conflicts that will come to define the characters' paths.

As the narrative unfolds, Tarl's character takes center stage, and his evolution from an ordinary boy into a pivotal player in a widespread war effort is skillfully depicted. Foster captures the complexity of Tarl's emotions as he grapples with newfound responsibilities, all while nurturing a connection with Aioffe. The author's portrayal of their blossoming relationship is a standout aspect of the novel. It is a slow-burn progression, allowing readers to invest emotionally in the characters' connection and making their bond feel authentic and compelling.

The historical backdrop of "Destiny Awaiting" is the Hundred Years War, a tumultuous period in medieval history. Foster's meticulous attention to historical detail enhances the authenticity of the setting, immersing readers in a world rife with political intrigues, battles, and shifting alliances. The juxtaposition of this historical backdrop with elements of fantasy, including the presence of non-human characters and a well-defined magic system, is a testament to Foster's imaginative prowess.

One of the book's strengths lies in its exploration of the theme of duality. Aioffe's presence in the human world symbolizes the interplay between the ethereal and the earthly. The challenges she and Tarl face in navigating their respective worlds evoke a sense of contrast between the magical and the mundane. This theme is expertly woven throughout the narrative, inviting readers to reflect on the complexities of identity, belonging, and the forces that shape our destinies.

Foster's narrative style is marked by its clarity and precision. Despite the intricate world-building and multifaceted characters, the plotting remains coherent and engaging. Descriptions are vivid, painting scenes that transport readers to the heart of medieval battles, mystical encounters, and heartfelt conversations. This clarity is crucial in maintaining the balance between the historical and fantastical elements of the story.

Character development is another triumph in "Destiny Awaiting." Foster invests time and care in fleshing out not only Aioffe and Tarl but also the supporting characters who become integral to their journey. The growth of these characters over the course of the narrative is gratifying to witness, and it lends depth to the overall storytelling experience.

Foster's innovation in blending historical fiction with fantasy elements is commendable. "Destiny Awaiting" is a testament to the author's dedication to crafting a seamless fusion of these genres. The intricate tapestry of history and magic, conflict and connection, makes for a reading experience that is both satisfying and immersive.

"Destiny Awaiting" by Jan Foster is a captivating exploration of love, war, and destiny set against a backdrop of medieval societies and magical realms. Foster's imaginative storytelling, combined with meticulous historical research, results in a narrative that resonates with readers seeking a unique blend of genres. The gradual romance between Aioffe and Tarl is both tender and compelling, while the intricate magic system and historical setting add depth to the story's foundation. With its well-developed characters and a plot that navigates the complexities of identity and purpose, "Destiny Awaiting" is a must-read for fans of both historical fiction and fantasy. Jan Foster's debut novel is a promising start to what could be an exciting career in the world of genre-blending fiction.

Aioffe smiled to herself. In this strangest of circumstances, committing the next few hours, or days, of her existence to destiny, awaiting it even, was a curious relief. In Naturae, and for all her life to date, she had known what her future was supposed to be. The very reason she had run away. Here, far away from that ominous duty, the powerlessness of being unable to change the outcome, only accept it and make the best of it, was curiously liberating. Thrilling even. Perhaps this was the appeal of faith to the humans? She had always believed in the power of destiny, but choosing to accept fate in this way lessened its fearful hold over her. She would survive, she always had, and would defend those who defended her until she could no more. This much Aioffe could control - who she chose as worthy of her protection and love.


Destiny Awaiting” by Jan Foster receives four stars from The Historical Fiction Company


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