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Blog Tour and Book Excerpt for "The Godmother's Secret"

Ebook & Paperback:

Book Title: The Godmother’s Secret

Author: Elizabeth St.John

Publication Date: 4th October, 2022 (print)

Publisher: Falcon Historical (print)

Page Length: 361 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction


Narrator: Elizabeth St.John

Publication Date: 27th June, 2023 (audio)

Publisher: Tantor Media (audio)

Audio Length: 11 hours 59 minutes

The Godmother’s Secret

By Elizabeth St.John

Audiobook narrated by Elizabeth St.John


"An extremely well-written book with depth and complexity to the main characters. The author says she wanted to write a book about family love and tolerance, and a woman's loyalty and courage. She has done so. This is the best book I've read in ages!"

The Ricardian Bulletin, Richard III Society

"The authenticity and historical research displayed within this story is immense and exquisite. Ms. St. John is sure to be a newfound favorite for fans of not only this fractious time in English history, but of all historical fans who adore rich, immersive prose." The Historical Fiction Company 2022 Book of the Year "A very enjoyable read. The historical veracity is impeccable, and Elysabeth is a likeable, admirable character who faces interesting dilemmas with love and courage." Historical Novel Society

If you knew the fate of the Princes in the Tower, would you tell? Or forever keep the secret?

May 1483: The Tower of London. When King Edward IV dies and Lady Elysabeth Scrope delivers her young godson, Edward V, into the Tower of London to prepare for his coronation, she is engulfed in political turmoil. Within months, the prince and his brother have disappeared, Richard III is declared king, and Elysabeth’s sister Margaret Beaufort conspires with her son Henry Tudor to invade England and claim the throne. Desperate to protect her godson, Elysabeth battles the intrigue, betrayal, and power of the last medieval court, defying her Yorkist husband and her Lancastrian sister under her godmother’s sacred oath to keep Prince Edward safe. Bound by blood and rent by honour, Elysabeth is torn between King Richard and Margaret Beaufort, knowing that if her loyalty is questioned, she is in peril of losing everything—including her life. Were the princes murdered by their uncle, Richard III? Did Margaret Beaufort mastermind their disappearance to usher in the Tudor dynasty? Or did the young boys vanish for their own safety? Of anyone at the royal court, Elysabeth has the most to lose–and the most to gain–by keeping secret the fate of the Princes in the Tower. Inspired by England’s most enduring historical mystery, Elizabeth St.John blends her family history with known facts and centuries of speculation to create an intriguing story about what happened to the Princes in the Tower.

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The ebook is available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth St.John’s critically acclaimed historical fiction novels tell the stories of her ancestors: extraordinary women whose intriguing kinship with England's kings and queens brings an intimately unique perspective to Medieval, Tudor, and Stuart times.

Inspired by family archives and residences from Lydiard Park to the Tower of London, Elizabeth spends much of her time exploring ancestral portraits, diaries, and lost gardens. And encountering the occasional ghost. But that’s another story.

Living between California, England, and the past, Elizabeth is the International Ambassador for The Friends of Lydiard Park, an English charity dedicated to conserving and enhancing this beautiful centuries-old country house and park. As a curator for The Lydiard Archives, she is constantly looking for an undiscovered treasure to inspire her next novel.

Elizabeth's books include her trilogy, The Lydiard Chronicles, set in 17th Century England during the Civil War, and her newest release, The Godmother's Secret, which explores the medieval mystery of the missing Princes in the Tower of London.

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Audiobook Snippet:

Autumn 1470 | Westminster SanctuaryAs a toll marks the end of mass, Meg returns, and the midwife arrives in a swirlof fog andwood smoke with her bag of scissors and linens and vials of mugwort and pennyroyal electuaries,a rabbit’s foot, and St. Margaret’s birthing girdle to ensure an easy labour. The crone smellsstrongly of her workroom spirits, but her hands appearsteady.The relentless abbey bells mark the longest hours. The room is so dark night loiters within. Thescent of purifying lavender oil mingles with stinking melting tallow and smoke from the damplogs. The hours pass with no sign of the child, and thencreeps over us a sharp odour of fear-soursweat, drenching the queen's moans.“This is not like the others,” she pants, her stomach mounded over her long slender legs. “Thereis something wrong.”The midwife leans over her, casting a humpbacked shadow onthe wall. “Hush, my lady,” shesays. “Your child is just slow to arrive. Bite down on this kerchief, and do not push further, forjust a moment.”The queen cries, her body rigid. Meg bathes her forehead with a damp cloth. I beckon themidwife to the fireside. The crone’s lined face gleams with perspiration, and the smell of fear isstrongest from her.“What is happening?” I demand. “The queen employed you because she trusts you. This birthis going on for too long.”The midwife wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. “The queen is narrow,” she says. “Andthe baby is large. That is all.” She turns away from me, hunches over her bag, and rummages foranother curative. This time she places a dried toad upon the queen’s stomach, arranging it this wayand that with deliberate care, chanting an unintelligible rhyme as she does so.I turn my back on the woman, shaking my head. I do not put much store in these witchingtokens, but if the queen does, then it is her decision.“Belle-Maman!” Meg hisses. “Look!”Themidwife is tipping a stone bottle into her mouth and drinking the contents. She sees melooking at her and quickly drops it back into the bag.“What are you doing?” I cry. “Are you drunk, woman?”The midwife laughs and pulls the bottle forth. “Want some?Prepare yourself, Lady Scrope.”“Get away from me.” I smack her hand.The crone sneers. “And you think you can do more? From what I’ve felt, the cord is wrappedaround the child. If it is not freed, the queen will kill it. And likely herself too.”

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Elizabeth St.John
Elizabeth St.John
18 Ιουλ 2023

Thanks so much for featuring me Reading Out Loud from The Godmother's Secret. And so proud that is the 2022 Historical Fiction Company Book of the Year!

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Cathie Dunn
Cathie Dunn
18 Ιουλ 2023

Thank you very much for hosting Elizabeth St.John today, featuring the audiobook version of award-winning The Godmother's Secret.

Cathie xo

The Coffee Pot Book Club

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