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Blog Tour for "Try the Leopard's Mouth"

Book Title: Try the Leopard’s Mouth

Author: Charles Moberly

Publication Date: 12th March 2023

Publisher: Tancava Press

Page Length: 375

Genre: Historical thriller / romance

Try the Leopard’s Mouth

Charles Moberly


AFRICA. 1970

Briony and Tom, both in their twenties, are very different characters. But opposites attract. In business, as in love, they complement each other.

They buy a farm and discover a rare drug. Tom grows it and Briony markets it. At first, they are oblivious of their responsibilities to the land and its people. But gradually they realise that they have been supporting a racist and colonialist regime.

The onset of the Rhodesian – Zimbabwean War of Independence tears at the couple’s relationship. Misunderstandings arise from their conflicting personalities and from external pressures. Events pull them apart, but also bind them together.

Try the Leopard’s Mouth is a romantic thriller set in Africa. It is also a historical novel, grounded in real events in the period 1970-80.

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Author Bio:

Charles Moberly has written three novels to date: The Scrotum Toad, a satirical comedy (Winner of a Chill with a Book Reader Award); The Corncrake, a historical novel set in 1909-10 and 1914-15 (Winner of a Chill with a Book Premier Award).

In The Corncrake, four members of a family share the narration, which passes between them approximately 300 times throughout - this powerful technique allows the reader to enter the minds of the characters as they react to events, so that love, conflicts and misunderstandings are conveyed immediately. This is only possible if the voices of the characters are so strong that they are identifiable the moment they speak.

Try the Leopard’s Mouth is a romantic thriller with a firm historical base.

Charles lived and worked in Africa for two years, which explains why two of his novels are set there.

In his writing, he loves tension and how cultural differences can tear people apart, yet unite them through a common humanity. He believes that no two characters should ever have the same voice. He writes in the vernacular of the time and place, using slang where appropriate.

He now lives in the UK.

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Helen Hollick
Helen Hollick
May 12, 2023

On behalf of Charles (I'm helping him with the social media admin) thank you for hosting his book today


Cathie Dunn
Cathie Dunn
May 12, 2023

Thank you so much for hosting Charles Moberly today. Cathie xo The Coffee Pot Book Club

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