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Book Trailer Reveal for "The Advocate" by Richard Alan Schwartz

Congratulations to Richard Alan Schwartz for his new book trailer for "The Advoaate" - designed by White Rabbit Arts here at The Historical Fiction Company

Book Title: "The Advocate: A Surgeon Fights a Different War"

Author: Richard Alan Schwartz

Book Blurb:

The war is over, but the battle has just begun. Can a woman ahead of her time bring real change to a land on the brink of the Industrial Revolution?

Boston, 1865. Dr. Abbey Kaplan is determined to stand on equal terms with her male colleagues. Finally proving she’s earned a place among the hospital’s surgical staff, the Civil War survivor is increasingly drawn to helping soldiers left mentally shattered. But her desire to heal turns to rage when she discovers the asylum forces its poor victims to endure inhuman nightmares.

Unable to ignore the fire lit in her heart despite her career being on the line, she vows to win the public’s support. But with the average citizen borderline subservient to oppressive upheavals and awful working conditions, Abbey soon realizes nothing will improve until women gain the vote.

Can the passionate doctor lead the charge for women’s suffrage, or will she be crushed by the rules of an outdated institution?

The Advocate: A Surgeons Fights a Different War is the fourth book in the haunting An American Journeys historical fiction series. If you like tenacious heroines, stark social realities, and vivid dramatizations, then you’ll love Richard Alan Schwartz’s compelling novel.

Buy The Advocate to usher in a new dawn today!

Book Trailer

Now viewable on the HFC website, on our Youtube and Tiktok channels!


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