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Cover Reveal for Linda Ulleseit's Historical Fiction Novel "Innocents at Home"

Congratulations to Linda Ulleseit for her new novel "Innocents at Home" - cover designed by White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company!


A five-month voyage to the Holy Land in 1867 led Mark Twain to write his novel Innocents Abroad. But what happened to those innocents after they returned to New York? Innocents at Home tells the tale of Nina Larrowe and Emma Beach, two of Twain’s shipmates.

Nina Larrowe anticipates resuming her place in New York society, but Twain’s careless remarks about her behavior ostracize her and force her to reevaluate everything she thought she knew. Nina becomes an actress and embarks on a life she never could have imagined. After a series of disappointments, Nina must rise from the ashes once again to craft a life she can take pride in.

The daughter of a newspaper magnate, Emma Beach falls head-long in love with the flirtatious Sam on her trip to the Holy Land. Her dreams are proven to be fantasies when Sam marries another. She is content to spend her days painting and taking care of others…until she realizes there could be more to the life she’s been living and reaches for a chance at her own happiness.

Based on Nina’s autobiography and Emma’s letters to Mark Twain, Innocents at Home explores how these two women inspired each other to overcome devastation and discover the courage to live life on their own terms.

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