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Cover Reveal of "There Will Be Consequences by Loretta Miles Tollefson

Congratulations to Loretta Miles Tollefson for the cover reveal of her new book "There Will Be Consequences" which is now available for pre-order and will be released on February 1, 2022.

Cover design by White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company -


It’s Thursday, August 3, 1837, and rebellion has broken out in northern New Mexico. By the end of the week, Governor Albino Pérez and key members of his administration will be dead, and a governor with indigenous ancestry will be installed in Santa Fe.

Trouble’s been brewing for over a year, fed by a governor who’s quicker to borrow money than distribute it, new laws restricting the right to vote, and the threat of new taxes. On top of that, Pérez has jailed the Santa Cruz de la Cañada alcalde for making a decision he didn’t like. The local free the alcalde and go to war, campesinos and Pueblo warriors against the ricos of the south.

But the rich aren’t about to give up their privileges so easily. More people will die before the violence ends.

A deeply-researched novel with implications for today, There Will be Consequences explores the events before, during, and after early August 1837 through the eyes of the people who lived them. Twelve linked stories propel the narrative forward from the perspective of individuals as diverse as Albino Pérez, rebel governor José Angel Gonzales, Santa Fe gambler Gertrudes “Doña Tules” Barceló, Taos priest and politician Antonio José Martinez, and the most flexible of New Mexico’s politicians, Manuel Armijo.


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