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Long-listed Authors in the 2021 HFC Book Contest

Congratulations to the following authors who have made it to the long-list

of submitted novels for the 2021 HFC Book of the Year Contest.

On December 31, 2021 at 12:00 (noon) p.m. EST, the category winners will be announced

from this list. The winners will include a Gold, Silver, and Bronze for each category, as

well as some Honorable Mentions, and Finalists as deemed necessary.

On January 1, 2022 at 12:00 (noon) p.m. EST, the Book of the Year will be announced from the Gold Category winners.

Long-listed selections:

Gail Ward Olmsted

Michael Coffino

Hal Ackerman

Ashby Jones

Joseph Tallon

Josanna Thompson

Sarah E. Zilkowski

V. E. H. Masters

Malve von Hassell

Marina Osipova

M. J. Porter

Aaron T. Knight

Marian Thorpe

Mark Vine

Stephen Archer

Kelly Archer

Conor Dempsey

Katerina Dunne

Heidi Eljarbo

Naveen Sridhar

Peter Angus

Kathryn Gauci

Michael Ross

Alli Carter Close

Mary Armstrong

Dell Brand

Anita Tiemeyer

Kevin Schewe

Jolie Tunnell

Lindsey Fera

Anna Belfrage

Linda Ulleseit

Lara Byrne

Sherry A. Burton

Rachal Heil

David Fitz-Gerald

David Loux

Julian delaMotte

Debora de Farias

Kate Reynolds

Danuta Pfeiffer

Jeanette Minitti

Gail Meath

Joyana Peters

Tracy Lawson

Rebekah Simmers

Wilma Orejola

Mirta Trupp

Wendy J. Dunn

Sepehr Haddad

Clarissa Pattern

C. J. Richardson

Kathleen Shoop

Rob Bauer

Erica Nyden

Erryn Lee

David Klason

Elaine Stock

Juliane Weber

Daryl Potter

K. Z. Owens

Rozsa Gaston

Anna Jensen

Michael Bortner

J. R. Alcyone

Ellie Midwood

Tony Riches

Judith Arnopp

Anne O’Brien

Mercedes Rochelle

S. M. Perlow

Pam Records

Edie Cay

Marie MacPherson

To enter the 2022 Book of the Year contest, go here


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