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Longlisted Authors for the 2023 HFC Book of the Year Contest

Updated: Jan 6

Congratulations to all these authors who have been longlisted for the 2023 HFC Category and Book of the Year contest to be announced on December 31, 2023!

Everyone who submitted made this year especially difficult because of all the incredible submissions - you've all ramped up the quality of writing in historical fiction and kudos to you all!!

Please note: all authors will receive their editorial reviews (if requested) before December 31st if you have not already received it. All editorial reviews will continue to be posted through the end of the year and on into the new year as we had a significant amount of entries and requests for this year. As we are not wanting to spam the subscribers' inboxes with more than two posts a day, one editorial review a day will post to the blog, thus the reason for the posting on into the new year, 2024. Be assured that if you received a 4 or 5 star rating for an editorial review, it will post onto the website blog, and we ask for your patience.

For the category winners selection, for the full disclosure ratings listing, and for the final book of the year, all ratings have been issued for all books submitted to the contest for the entire year as of this date. If you have not received your rating before December 31st, either check the full disclosure rating list posted on December 31st or check your spam folder. If you submitted to the contest only without the request for an editorial review, your rating will be sent to you before December 31st. If you submitted to the contest AND requested an editorial review, your rating will be enclosed within the review.

All 'Highly Recommended' award badges will be send with your five star review, or sent to 'contest only' entries before December 31st. Four star or lower do not receive 'Highly Recommended' badges, but some 4 - 4.75 reviews may be eligible in the contest if no other five star book fills the particular category.

If you have any questions about anything concerning this list or the contest, please feel free to reach out to us at HFC at

LongListed Authors for 2023

No More, My Love Sara Powter

The Vine Weaver Sara Powter

A Song of Sixpence Judith Arnopp

The Strange Courtship of Kathleen O'Dwyer Robert Temple

Finding the Way Cindy Burkart Maynard

Witness to the Revolution Kiersten Marcil Straddling Black and White Kim Salzman Self Liberation of Parson Sykes David J. Mason Shadow Runner K J Fieler

A Meadow Murder Helen Hollick The Starre, the Moone, the Sunne (novel & audiobook) Ron Destro The Execution, Life and Times of Patrick O'Donnell Gavin O'Donnell Maid of Morgan's Point Robert Weunch All I See is Violence Angie Elita Newell Bucharest Legacy William Maz She Was an American Combat Nurse During WWII Jeanne Sloane What Remains Erryn Lee The Butcher's Apprentice Wendy A Warren

At the Court of Broken Dreams Laurence Brown Moral Fibre Helena P. Schrader

Cold Peace Helena P. Schrader

The Alewives Elizabeth R. Anderson

A Long Way from Clare Robert Smith

A Time for War J R Tomlin Cold Blows the Wind Catherine Meyrick The Maenad's God Karen Michalson The Boy King's Tale Michael January Rescuing Crockett David Z. Pyke The Merchant from Sepharad James Hutson-Wiley The Devil's Glove Lucretia Grindle

Turning the World to Stone Kelly Evans The Things We'll Never Have Hilary Hauck

Lightning Split the Tree Thomas Allen

Ash and Ruin Michael Eging / Steve Arnold My Place Among Them J. Stanion Hall of Deception P. L. Jonas Wild World Peter Rush Desperate Valour Timothy Ashby Canaad D A Wood The Wolf's Legacy Michele Callard Muddied Waters Theo Clarkson Muddied Waters: Coda Theo Clarkson Where the Lilacs Bloom ( Roni Rosenthal She Who Rides Horses Sarah V. Barnes

The Hearts of All on Fire Alana White

The Belle of Oyster Bay Angela Moody

The Rose of Washington Square Pat Wahler The River Remembers Linda Ulleseit Nobel Satyr Lucinda Brant

And Union No More Stan M. Haynes

Sailor's Heart Martin Campbell Rodri's Furies John Broughton

Angenga John Broughton

The Red Hot Blues Chanteuse Ana Brazil The Road to Canossa Lara Byrne Katarina's Dark Journey MJ Krause-Chivers

In the Lair of Legends David Buzan Niglicu Florence D'Angelo Intimate Fractures Wagih Abu-Rish The Tacksman's Daughter Donna Scott Token of Betrayal C V Lee The Butterfly's Cocoon Ellen Read Christmas Parties, Snow, and Other Follies Heidi Eljarbo

The London Forgery Heidi Eljarbo

Homespun Sophia Alexander Stones of Wrath Susanne Ratcliffe

Alice's War William McClain Kampaku David Klason The Truth About Myths Giovanna Siniscalchi The Last of What I Am Abigail Cutter Midnight in Syria Jacek Waliszewski The Last Laird of Sapelo T. M. Brown Try the Leopard's Mouth Charles Moberly The Soul Machines Alexandru Szimbor Annwyn's Blood Michael Eging / Steve Arnold Nuremburg Endgame Brian Walker 1851 Carlo Perez Allen Heart of Deception Gayle Feyrer Under the PawPaw Tree Cheryl King The Orchid Hour Nancy Bilyeau The Red Citadel Michael Lynes The Emerald Necklace Linda Rosen Flowers of Evil N. L. Holmes The Courtesan's Secret Nina Wachsman Most Secret Kathleen Buckley Barnum's Angel Len Boswell

A Dangerous Woman Josie Wilson Darcy Alice McVeigh

Harriet Alice McVeigh

Pride and Perjury (audiobook) Alice McVeigh

Find Me in the Stars Jules Larimore Lockett and the Devil's Path T. J. Johnston Idaho Madams Milana Marsenich Under His Spell Luv Lubker

Life and Death in Ephesus Finlay McQuade

Who She Left Behind Victoria Atamian Waterman

The Middle Generation M. B. Zucker

Through the Veneer of Time Vera Bell The Light in the Labyrinth Wendy Dunn Lottie Beauchamp's War Paula Napier Jerome & His Women Joan O'Hagan The Bastard Prince of Versailles Will Bashor

Saint Bloodbath Frederick Douglas Reynolds

King of Nod Scott Fad

Her Own Revolution Debra Borchert Madame Pommery Rebecca Rosenberg

The Importance of Sons Kiera Morgan

Ragtown Kelly Stone Gamble The Mender Jennifer Marchman Journey to Duncan Mills John Michael McCarty The Drau River Flows to Siberia Marina Osipova Rome's Last Noble Palace Kimberly Sullivan Empire in Apocalypse Robert Bruton America's Forgotten Suffragists Nicole Evelina The Eleventh Commandment Mary F. Burns

Cinnamon Girl Trish MacEnulty The Queen's Scribe Amy Maroney

Oscar's Tale Chris Bishop There Will Be Consequences Loretta Miles Tolleson On the Wings of a Red-Tailed Hawk Gail Combs Oglesby

Gold In Peace, Iron in War Anthony Flacco Pompeii Fire Sharon E. Cathcart Water Music: A Cape Cod Story Marcia Peck Feather of Ma'at Lisa Llamrei Teach the Children to Pray Rebecca Harwick The Accursed Vivian Ferrars

Raven Rock Nichole Louise Perestroika Joao Cerquira Glendale Meadow Char White

Fighting in King George's War Marlene F. Stiles The Time of the Valkyrie Marlene F. Stiles

In Silence Cries the Heart Catherine Hughes

The Hussar's Duty Griffin Brady The Stone Cutter Brock Meier The Storyteller's War John Corry

A Cat at Dachau Elyse Hoffman


To enter the 2024 HFC Book of the Year contest and/or request an editorial review, please visit - our grand prize for 2024 has increased to $2000!!!

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