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Meet E.J. McKenna, a UK Freelance Writer Joining the Historium Press Family

E.J. McKenna is a freelance writer in the UK with a great interest in American History, and a degree in English and American Literature with Creative Writing from the University of Kent.

At the end of 2023, she co-created a creative writing app (InkWritingApp) for people of all ages to improve their writing skills in a fun, relaxed environment.

Born and raised in the UK, but a lover of traveling, she has a fascination with all social history across different countries and cultures. One of her favourite historical periods is the Victorian era, especially with United States history.

"The juxtaposition between the established countries of Europe, and the new world of America is fascinating to me. So many people trying to survive harsh frontier life, while trying to continue the uptight decorum of Victorian society."

A huge advocate for feminism and human equity, her writing centres around determined female protagonists in traditionally male roles, tackling the perceptions of women in history.

Her strong female protagonists go out of their way to change their society's expectations for the fairer.



Cover reveal coming soon!!


In 1893, Annie Schaeffer is no stranger to violence. Escaping her home in a traveling show,

where she had lived since being sold at six by her outlaw father.

Now on the run and wounded, she finds an unlikely ally in Nathan Healey - a member of the

Needham Boys gang. As she earns her place among the outlaws, Annie survival hinges on

her lethal skills and growing bond with Nathan.

Nate’s moral compass shifts with his circumstances, especially when those he loves are


Upon meeting Annie, he finds himself drawn to a woman determined to live differently to the

expectations others place upon her; to live freely and fairly. The way he has always wanted.

When her closeness to Nate is used to force her deeper into the gang's web, her desire for

freedom clashes with her need for survival. Duke Needham, the gang's ruthless leader, sees

her as both an asset and a threat.

Annie's quest for independence takes a dark turn as the gang begins to collapse. Betrayal

runs deep, and the cost of trust is high.

No Good Deeds is a gripping tale of resilience and retribution in the untamed West, where

loyalty is fleeting and justice is won at the barrel of a gun. Annie Schaeffer's story is one of

fierce determination, as she battles her past and the outlaws who seek to control her fate.


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