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A Plethora of New Historical Spring Releases Today from Historium Press

Spring books and flowers

Spring has sprung and it's not only flowers blooming! Historium Press new titles are blooming all over the place and today is the day to gather a pocket full of posies!!

Here are the new titles released today from Historium Press:


"Who She Left Behind" by Victoria Atamian Waterman


PRICE: $14.99


A Kirkus Review / BookLife Editor's Pick!

"Who She Left Behind" is a captivating historical fiction novel that spans multiple generations and delves into the emotional lives of its characters.

Set in various time periods, from the declining days of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey to Armenian communities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts during the 1990s, the book provides a deep immersion into a lesser-known era. The story revolves around themes of survival, motherhood, and love, drawing inspiration from the author's own family history. The narrative is framed by a mysterious discovery of Armenian dolls at Victoria's grave many years later, which leads her on a quest for redemption as an immigrant, wife, sister, and aunt.

If you love "The Sandcastle Girls" by Chris Bohjalian, "Orhan's Inheritance" by Aline Ohanesian, "Rise the Euphrates" by Carol Edgarian, or "All The Light There Was" by Nancy Kricorian, then this book is for you!

Who She Left Behind book cover


"The Dream Collector: Sabrine & Vincent van Gogh - Book Two" by R.w. Meek

R.w. Meek is an award-winning author of the Palm Beach Book Festival, Literary Titan, BookFest, and the HFC Runner-up for the 2022 Book of the Year, as well as five-star reviewed from Kirkus, Historical Novel Society, and more.


Book Two - Winner of the Bronze Medal for Best Historical Fiction - Literary Category - HFC Book of the Year 2022

Sabrine, hospitalized for five years at the infamous Salpêtrière Asylum for Women, gains her release due to intervention of her sister Julie Forette and a young Sigmund Freud. The reunited sisters are introduced to the dazzling art milieu of 1886 Paris, and soon become close friends to the leading Impressionists. Sabrine attracts a cult following as a poetess, the enigmatic "Haiku Princess." Seemingly cured by Freud of her Grand Hysteria, Sabrine soon enters into a tumultuous relationship with Vincent van Gogh.

Julie and Sigmund Freud, alarmed by the eerie parallels between the emotionally volatile couple and their self-destructive impulses, begin an urgent search to discover the root causes for Sabrine and Vincent's growing psychoses. Julie, 'The Dream Collector' seeks their most unforgettable dream for Freud's interpretation and revelations occur.

The Dream Collector is an exploration of the psychological consequences of betrayal, abandonment--and the redemptive power of art.

The Dream Collector book cover


"Return to the Eyrie" by Katerina Dunne


Honour, revenge, and the quest for justice.

Belgrade, Kingdom of Hungary, 1470

Raised in exile, adolescent noblewoman Margit Szilágyi dreams of returning to her homeland of Transylvania to avenge her father's murder and reclaim her stolen legacy. To achieve this, she must break the constraints of her gender and social status and secretly train in combat. When the king offers her a chance at justice, she seizes it - even if it means disguising herself as a man to infiltrate the vultures' nest that now occupies her ancestral 'eyrie'. Plagued by childhood trauma and torn between two passionate loves, Margit faces brutal battles, her murderous kin's traps and inner demons on her quest for vengeance. Only by confronting the past can she reclaim her honour - if she can survive long enough to see it through. Return to the Eyrie is an epic coming-of-age tale of a young woman's unwavering pursuit of justice and destiny in 15th century Hungary.

"Vivid descriptions, captivating characters, and a complex plot. Not just a tale of revenge, but also a journey of self-discovery and resilience, this book provides a compelling narrative from start to finish." - The Historical Fiction Company Review

Return to the Eyrie book cover


"Under a Cloud" by Luv Lubker (Book Two in the Rival Courts Series)


From acclaimed Victorian historical author, Luv Lubker, the author of "Under His Spell" comes the continuing romance of the Princess Royal Victoria and Frederick III of Prussia.

Vicky's father, Albert, the Prince Consort, has just died, leaving her and her family under a heavy cloud of grief, without their dearest friend and advisor, at a most critical time: The political horizon grows dark with storm clouds at the entry of Bismarck to Germany's political stage in 1862.Will Fritz's courage stand the test as he confronts the spider in its web? Is Prussia really fighting for the rights of the Schleswig people, or is so much blood being shed for the sake of Prussia's aggrandizement? Join Vicky and Fritz on their journeys under the blue cloudless skies of the Mediterranean to the peaceful heather-clad hills of the Highlands of Scotland; to the burning heat of the North African desert to the raging blizzards of a winter war in Denmark. When Vicky's closest friend disappears, will she be able to keep the secret? Will old enemies prove to be friends, and old friends prove to be enemies?

Under a Cloud book cover


"Anywhere but Schuylkill" by Michael Dunn

Now in Paperback!

Price: $14.99


In 1877, twenty Irish coal miners were hanged for a terrorist conspiracy that never occurred.

Anywhere But Schuylkill is the story of one who escaped, Mike Doyle, a teenager trying to keep his family alive during the worst depression the nation has ever faced. Banks and railroads are going under. Children are dying of hunger. The Reading Railroad has slashed wages and hired Pinkerton spies to infiltrate the miners' union. And there is a sectarian war between rival gangs. But none of this compares with the threat at home.

Advance Praise

"In the tradition of Upton Sinclair and Jack London, Michael Dunn gives us a gritty portrait of working-class life and activism during one of the most violent eras in U.S. labor history. Anywhere but Schuylkill is a social novel built out of passion and the textures of historical research. It is both a tale of 1870s labor unrest and a tale for the inequalities and injustices of the twenty-first century." -Russ Castronovo, author of Beautiful Democracy and Propaganda 1776.

"Michael Dunn has created the characters that bring the 19th Century's Mine Wars to life for today's readers. Anywhere but Schuylkill will remind readers of John Sayles and Tillie Olsen and the best in the long tradition of labor literature." -James Tracy, co-author of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Interracial Solidarity in 1960s-70s New Left Organizing

"The Banshees of Inisherin and 1917 are two of the best historical films I've seen in recent years, particularly the cinematography. Yet the visuals Michael Dunn creates in Anywhere But Schuylkill are richer, more vivid, more imaginative, and more haunting and indelible than what I recall in those brilliant films. It's like the author transports himself to each scene and brings to life each physical detail, each expression, each emotion, and each word of dialogue with the care of a Renaissance painter." -David Aretha, award-winning author of Malala Yousafzai and the Girls of Pakistan, and Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1963 March on Washington.

Anywhere but Schuylkill book cover


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