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Passion Versus Patriotism - an Editorial Review of "The Truth About Myths"

Book Blurb:

"One of the most enjoyable historical romances I've ever read." Historical Fiction Company

A prudish princess on a mission…

Princess Isabel de Orleans would do anything for Portugal. When her brother, the king, asks for her help, she agrees to travel to Spain to defuse a diplomatic crisis.

A beloved rake as a babysitter…

Henrique, Viscount Penafiel, has no roots. He prepares to sail to greener pastures when his best friend blackmails him into accompanying the princess to an aristocratic-filled seaside resort.

Passion versus patriotism...

With his wit and ever-present grin, Henrique delights in showing how Isabel's morals are outdated. Isabel abhors philandering but is entranced by the caring man hidden below a devil-may-care attitude. The sister of Henrique's best friend should be high on a pedestal, safe from his lust. But by demolishing his ideas, she crumbles the height separating them.

A Bourbon with ulterior motives…

Alfonso is a king sans a throne. When the Bourbon's meteoric interest in Isabel threatens Portugal's independence, Henrique has to take drastic measures to save his country and Isabel's love.

If you're a fan of captivating tales set in the opulent backdrop of the 19th-century monarchy, this book is a must-read. Join Princess Isabel and the charming Viscount Henrique in their journey filled with passion, patriotism, and unexpected twists. Get your copy today and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of The Truth About Myths.

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Author Bio:

Stories are the very fabric of life. I want to transport readers to exotic settings, where they can find romance and happy endings and hopefully bring some back to their daily lives. Portugal brims with beauty and passion, and I research every tiny detail of my novels, hoping to make the reader treasure my grandparents’ country as I do. I have a loving husband who still is my hero and two amazing kids. When it’s cold and rainy, I run inside to read and watch movies under blankets, sipping wine. You can find me on the beach during summer, surfing with my family.

Editorial Review:

Like all of history's powerful women—Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra—Isabel would remain unwed. With her fortune and influence, she could do charity, set an example of morality, and do her best for Portugal…

That was the plan, anyway!

Isabel de Orleans is a model princess. She is unwaveringly loyal to her brother and her country, which is why she readily accepts the requests her brother makes to travel to Spain to resolve a brewing diplomatic crisis. But, Henrique, Viscount Penafiel has also been given orders by the king. He has been entrusted with the responsibility of Isabel's safety and is required to accompany and stay with her while she is in Spain.

Her brother may think she will be safe with Henrique - but who was going to protect him from those beautiful green eyes?

Giovanna Siniscalchi's The Truth About Myths (The Winemakers Book 3) is a gripping story of forbidden love that will keep you reading well into the night.

Siniscalchi's writing beautifully captures the reader's heart with a detailed and emotionally charged narrative. The sensual prose that depict the developing attraction between Princess Isabel de Orleans and Henrique, Viscount Penafiel is captivating. Despite his role as a protector, Henrique finds it hard to resist his primal impulses when he's around Isabel, and his heart is consumed with longing. He acknowledges that their relationship is forbidden, and he struggles to see it as anything other than lust. But he quickly realises that his feelings for Isabel are much deeper than just physical attraction. His desire for her encompasses everything - her heart, mind, and body for all time.

Love and desire are feelings that Isabel has never experienced. Her life is ruled by her royal responsibilities, leaving no room for the pleasures and fun that women her age usually enjoy. To avoid any scandal, she isolates herself from any potential temptations. She is at all times the essence of probity. But, Henrique has captivated her, and since their first kiss, she's been entranced. She now wants Henrique to teach her everything he knows about desire and lovemaking. Isabel and Henrique's growing sexual attraction felt very realistic in the telling.

Siniscalchi's talent for writing breathtakingly beautiful historical romance is certainly impressive. While many books are set in this era, this one brings something new to the table. The novel's originality lies in its setting, which is in both Portugal and Spain, as opposed to London. In my opinion, the representation of both nations during this era was fascinating. It was very clear that Siniscalchi has spent many hours researching the historical backdrop of this story.

I don't know why you hate myths so… Mythologists and scientists are both in the same business—explaining cause and effect so people's lives can be more predictable. You explain wine as the nasty byproduct of yeasts digesting sugar. To me, wine is Bacchus' gift, a delicious elixir that helps humankind escape their worries." Dio tapped his chin with his aristocratic finger. "Who has the more captivating story?”

"Myths are nothing more than society's way of forcing poor males to do things they don't want to do in exchange for a transcendence that does not exist.”

Throughout the novel, myths and science are intertwined almost thematically. Henrique is not only a gifted scientist but also well-versed in Greek mythology. Henrique is fascinated by the concept of heroism, drawing inspiration from the legendary Hercules, and he showcases numerous heroic feats in this novel. I thought the mythical element meeting science was a wonderful idea and it really gave the story a contrasting sense of depth - on the one hand there is the understanding of fact-based science, but on the other, there is the passion for mythological stories. The author suggests that both are equally important.

Henrique laughed, lifting his palms. His conquests weren't so numerous. "What can I say? As a scientist, I must apply a method of trial and error. One day, the system will prove effective, and I will find my better half.”

Henrique is a character that I simply adored. He holds progressive views, condemning misogyny and advocating for women’s sexual freedom. His language can be vulgar, but he is always honest with his thoughts. Before realising her true identity, he views Isabel as a character akin to Joan of Arc - although she has strong principles, he is confident he can seduce her. However, he makes an effort to stay out of her way when he realises who she is. But when he is entrusted with her safety by her brother the king, he and Isabel are thrown together. Despite his increasing attraction towards Isabel, Henrique is a character of great integrity who tries to act honourably. However, his possessive nature surfaces when she spends time with other men, leading him to realise that his attraction is not purely physical but rather a dangerous emotion called love. I thought Henrique’s depiction was fabulous. It was a delight to watch him fall in love and discover that even scientists can become heroes!

The king's dutiful sister, Isabel, is very careful to protect her integrity by avoiding questionable situations. She's very controlling when it comes to the company of her ladies-in-waiting because she believes she's responsible for them and doesn't want any scandals to happen under her watch. Refraining from life's pleasures due to this principle of purity is something Henrique cannot accept and as it turns out, she can’t either! Her growing attraction to the viscount is a battle she fights desperately, but her emotions are overwhelming. Her mind may refuse, but her heart is enthusiastically embracing her new found love for Henrique. I thought Isabel’s depiction was utterly sublime. She is a brave and courageous woman and is one I could not help but admire.

I found The Truth About Myths by Giovanna Siniscalchi to be one of the most enjoyable historical romances I've ever read. I cannot emphasise enough how much I recommend this novel. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who loves quality historical romance.


“The Truth About Myths” by Giovanna Siniscalchi receives five stars and the “Highly Recommended” award of excellence from The Historical Fiction Company



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