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Release Day for "Kingfisher" by D. K. Marley

Today's DK Marley's release day of the long-anticipated The Kingfisher! And she's taking over the day to talk about it at The Historical Fiction Club (

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The past, future, and Excalibur lie in her hands.

Wales, 1914. Vala Penrys and her four sisters find solace in their spinster life by story-telling, escaping the chaos of war by dreaming of the romantic days of Camelot. When the war hits close to home, Vala finds love with Taliesin Wren, a mysterious young Welsh Lieutenant, who shows her another world within the tangled roots of a Rowan tree, known to the Druids as ‘the portal’.

One night she falls through, and suddenly she is Vivyane, Lady of the Lake – the Kingfisher – in a divided Britain clamoring for a High King. What begins as an innocent pastime becomes the ultimate quest for peace in two worlds full of secrets, and Vala finds herself torn between the love of her life and the salvation of not only her family but of Britain, itself.

From our very own award-winning historical novelist, D. K. Marley - a story for OUTLANDER and MISTS OF AVALON fans - comes a time-traveling historical spanning centuries.


"It is, at the heart of it, a love story – the love between a man and a woman, between a woman and her country, and between the characters and their fates – but its appeal goes far beyond romance. It is a tale of fate, of power, and, ultimately, of sacrifice for a greater good." - Riana Everly, author of Teaching Eliza and Death of a Clergyman

"I had the great pleasure of being a beta reader for D.K. Marley’s anticipated new novel, The Kingfisher, and I found this first novel of the series to be simply enchanting. Set at the beginning of the Great War, in Wales, we encounter a family of five spinster sisters and secrets… and travel with eldest sister Vala Penrys as she uncovers the secret of her family’s past and possibly Great Britain’s future. Can she bring to fruition the ultimate quest for peace?

Exquisitely and skillfully tying together disparate elements such as Camelot and Tennyson with the imaginative theories of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and the fundamental tragedy of World War I, The Kingfisher is full of literary references, historical characters, and big ideas. Ultimately, I felt The Kingfisher invited me to join in on a satisfying journey of self-discovery, love, and betrayal, and left me wanting more. I know I am excited to continue the journey and learn more about the Penrys family’s secrets and how they are possibly the hope for the past and the future!" - Sara Giacalone, ARC reviewer

"Though the story is written in first-person, the narration is sweeping and inclusive. The dialogue is period appropriate. There are casual references to throw-away historical details that a depth to the narration. Overall, the narrative is enveloping and takes readers along on a enjoyable journey." - Librarian608375, Netgalley Reviewer

"I was gripped with this story from the start and I read it quickly. It was well written with a nice sweeping narrative that flowed well with good character development. An enjoyable read." - Kirsty L., Netgalley Reviewer

"This takes place way back in 1914 right before the war, four sisters with secrets! D. K. Marley did a fantastic job on not only having the characters come alive for you but places you right into the story as it you are right there. Adventures, secrets and love what more do you need in a story? Follow these sisters and see what happens to them where they are going and will they get there or will their lives change forever ? I really enjoyed this story and wonder if there will be more?" - Trick W., Netgalley Reviewer

Make sure to join us on Monday at the Club or get D. K.'s book here:


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