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When Rome falls, so too will the world

Christmas, 1797. Erstwhile magistrate Felix Gracchus wakes in the French embassy beside the Tiber after a serious bout of malaria. Despite his poor health, the intricate puzzle of a local inheritance scandal proves irresistible.

To his delight Lieutenant Vanderville has been assigned to the embassy intelligence section, tasked with pacifying the rabidly pro-revolutionary local patriots who seek to overthrow the state and install a republic in Rome.

But a sudden, terrible development threatens to bring disaster upon the whole embassy. Can the pair resolve it before Napoleon Bonaparte brings the full force of the republic down upon Rome in vengeance? Will Vanderville succeed in persuading the patriots from setting the city aflame? And why, amidst all this chaos, is Gracchus more interested in finding a missing nurse?

A totally engrossing historical mystery rich in period detail and fascinating characters, perfect for fans of Steven Saylor and C. J. Sansom.

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Other titles in the Gracchus and Vanderville series: Blood & Fireflies - 9781804362709

B. M. HOWARD is a historian and storyteller. His interest in the shadowy fringes of history lies in uncovering the unremembered protagonists who fiddled unseen at the levers of power. He first visited the then derelict Villa Mombello while working on a documentary film.

Blood on the Tiber - B M Howard

Canelo | On Sale: 10 August 2023 | Paperback £9.99 | Ebook £3.99

ISBN: 9781804362723

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