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An Ambitious King, a Reluctant Shield Maiden, and a Battle to End All Battles - "King of the North"

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“Donald's masterful creations will live on in the imagination long after the final page”

Matthew Harffy, author of the Bernicia Chronicles

King of the North

By Angus Donald

The thrilling sequel to the bestselling The Loki’s Sword, The Saxon

Wolf, and The Last Berserker

An ambitious king: Spring, AD 777. Sigurd Hring, new King of the Svear, is

summoning all the greatest warriors of the North to his banner, promising them

riches and glory. He invites Bjarki Bloodhand, the famous berserkr who can

summon the fury of a wild bear in battle, to swear an oath of fealty to him. But

Bjarki has already sailed away to rescue a beautiful Saxon princess.

A reluctant shield maiden: Tor Hildarsdottir, sister of Bjarki, now oath-bound to a powerful Svearland jarl, finds herself unwillingly enrolled in Sigurd’s mighty army. When Sigurd Hring arrogantly rejects the overlordship of Siegfried, King of the Dane-Mark, red war is inevitable.

The battle to end all battles: The two sides agree to meet on the field of honour at Norrkoping on the Svealand border. But Bjarki has sworn an oath to Siegfried and joined his Danish host, while Tor must fight for her lord and homeland. So the siblings will face each other over the shield-rims in a battle to end all battles to decide who shall be… King of the North.

ANGUS DONALD is the author of the bestselling Outlaw Chronicles, a series of ten novels set in the 12th/13th centuries and featuring a gangster-ish Robin Hood. Angus has also published the Holcroft Blood trilogy about a mildly autistic 17th-century English artillery officer, son of notorious Crown Jewels thief Colonel Thomas Blood. Before becoming an author, Angus worked as a fruit-picker in Greece, a waiter in New York City and as an anthropologist studying magic and witchcraft in Indonesia. For fifteen years he was a journalist working in Hong Kong, India, Afghanistan and London.

King of the North by Angus Donald


Canelo | On Sale: 28 Sept 2023 | Paperback £9.99 | Ebook £3.99

ISBN:9781804362334, 368 pages

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