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Blog Tour and Book Excerpt for "The Dream Collector: Sabrine & Vincent van Gogh - Book Two"

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Book Title: The Dream Collector “Sabrine & Vincent van Gogh”

Series: Book II

Author: R.w. Meek

Publication Date: April 30th, 2024

Publisher: Historium Press

Pages: 651

Genre: Historical Fiction

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The Dream Collector: Sabrine & Vincent van Gogh

by R.w. Meek




Sabrine, hospitalized for five years at the infamous Salpêtrière Asylum for Women, gains her release due to intervention of her sister Julie Forette and a young Sigmund Freud. The reunited sisters are introduced to the dazzling art milieu of 1886 Paris, and soon become close friends to the leading Impressionists. Sabrine attracts a cult following as a poetess, the enigmatic "Haiku Princess." Seemingly cured by Freud of her Grand Hysteria, Sabrine soon enters into a tumultuous relationship with Vincent van Gogh.

Julie and Sigmund Freud, alarmed by the eerie parallels between the emotionally volatile couple and their self-destructive impulses, begin an urgent search to discover the root causes for Sabrine and Vincent's growing psychoses. Julie, 'The Dream Collector' seeks their most unforgettable dream for Freud's interpretation and revelations occur.

The Dream Collector is an exploration of the psychological consequences of betrayal, abandonment--and the redemptive power of art.


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Author Bio:


R.w. Meek author photo

R.w. Meek has a Master’s degree in Art History from the American University in Washington, D.C., his areas of expertise are Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, with a particular interest in Vincent van Gogh.


His first novel The Dream Collector “Sabrine & Sigmund Freud” was voted runner-up by the Historical Fiction Company for best novel of 2022.


Born in Baltimore, he currently resides with his wife Pamela in Santa Clarita, California. He’s passionate about art, cinema, literature and jazz. His two dogs, Reve and Banjo, were awarded angelic status in heaven.


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Book Excerpt:

Fire  &  Air


MY SISTER began to accompany him on his painting expeditions. I asked if she would keep me informed of her adventures through our Petticoat Post Office. Gladly she pinned letters to the petticoat, now fitted over our new mannequin, a female torso made of wire. The letters were passionate outpourings of her infatuation with him.


Abandoning caution, I asked Sabrine, “What is it about Vincent that makes you care so much for him? Theo tells me that he can be temperamental, argumentative, and stubborn.”


She promised to pin something on the Petticoat Post Office.        *


Oh Julie, let me paint a portrait of Vincent with words, and I will paint my picture for you as faithfully as I can, and with all the love I have for him. Allow me, please, the liberty to exaggerate, for that is the only way to see what is essential, not the moody vagueness and volcanic tantrums that others see.


First, my words must be dipped in paints of citron yellow and ripened orange to show the sparkled fairness of his hair. For the gentle blue of Vincent's eyes, I should ask Père Tanguy to grind precious sapphires. Around his head I shall place a halo as broken strokes of sunflower yellow to show his noble thoughts. Behind him, instead of painting an ordinary wall, I will paint infinity, a background of the richest blue I can contrive, and because of the combination of his golden head against the intense blue background I will achieve the mysterious effect he has upon me, like a star burning in the depths of an azure sky.


Who is Vincent? In his countenance I see what is most consoling and in his soul what is most beautiful. Oh, he is my guardian angel who wields the white ray and who dreams great dreams. Above all, he is an artist! And one who works at his craft as naturally as the nightingale sings.



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