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Cover Reveal for "Child of Rome" by Erynn Lee

Congratulations to Erynn Lee on her upcoming book "Child of Rome", a spectacular story about the grandchild of Rome's first Emperor. As the daughter of murdered parents, rival to her siblings and wed to a domineering and brutal husband, Nilla's bloodline is the most desired and dangerous in Rome. In a world where the blood of Augustus Julius Caesar is the priceless right to rule and a deadly commodity, she must somehow learn to be ruthless to survive.

White Rabbit Arts of The Historical Fiction Company had the privilege to design the cover

for this award-winning book due out this year!

Once again, congratulations, Erynn on your novel!!

Are you a historical novelist in search of a refreshed cover for a published book, or for an upcoming release? Get in touch with us to start your book cover today! Email us at


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