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Cover Reveal for Mari Christie's Lion Club Series

Congratulations to Mari Christie for her three book covers designed by White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company!

Mari's book series is a trilogy centered on three children growing up on the same turn-of-the-century Brooklyn street.

Three children grow up on a turn-of-the-century Brooklyn street: Jimmy, an incorrigible teenage thug; Frankie, a fourth-grade math prodigy; and Flory, a sheltered little girl with a foolhardy plan. Each faces a tragedy beyond which their lives will never be the same, and as they struggle into adulthood, the ghosts of their tragic pasts follow.

From the corrupt New York Democratic Party to the underground crime culture of Prohibition, from New York to Europe, Africa, and South America, from endemic poverty to endless wealth, these three grow into terribly wounded adults, passing on to the next generation the traditions of the street where it all began.

Not released yet.

Book buy links coming soon for this fabulous series!!

The Lion's Club Series

Book One: "The Cub"

Book Two: "The Hunter"

Book Three: "The Kitten"


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Ana Brazil
Ana Brazil
Jan 07, 2022

Love these! And am totally thrilled that Mari has new books coming out!

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