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Cover Reveal for "Star Crossed" by D. K. Marley

It is here! The new cover for my own novel "Star Crossed" (D. K. Marley) which will release in February of 2022. I am shooting for a February 14th release date to coincide with all the other "star-crossed" lovers out there.

Here is the blurb from the book:

Set amid the chaos of Nazi Berlin, two disillusioned youths break all the rules and fall in love. Both dreamers and lovers of Shakespeare, Julia and Reiner are desperate to find a world where labels like "Jew" and "Nazi" don't exist, yet Hitler has other plans for them both. After vowing to love each other for eternity, they are ripped apart by the Reich, one as an SS officer, the other as an enemy of the State. Reiner is sent to training at the SS officer's camp near Dachau and Julia goes into hiding, ending up at the Lodz Ghetto before finding herself on the trains bound for Auschwitz. Will they survive the poison of Hitler's regime,

or will they succumb to the same fate of Shakespeare's 'star-crossed' lovers?



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