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Cover Reveal for "The Madonna Dilemma" by Aaron T. Knight

Congratulations to Aaron T. Knight for the cover reveal of his new book, "The Madonna Dilemma" now available at Amazon and The Historical Fiction Company

Cover design by White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company -

A famous painting of Madonna is stolen in Rome by an American mob boss. Somewhere in the fencing of the masterpiece the painting disappears. An LA art dealer who was to fence the art work is found murdered. A mob boss, a widow, an associate and an enemy of the dead man are in a panic to find the money or the painting. An LA detective who is only interested in coasting along until early retirement is assigned to the murder case. He finds it impossible to shift the responsibility to anyone else in LAPD. While he fumbles around, the other interested persons are lying, cheating, double crossing one another and deceiving the authorities.


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