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Featured Spotlight for New Release "Token of Betrayal"

Book Blurb:

What is the price of an act of treason?

As the Houses of Lancaster and York fight over the throne during the Wars of the Roses, the repercussions extend beyond the shores of England.

In 1461, the French capture Mont Orgueil on the Isle of Jersey. To protect the family legacy for his son, Sir Philippe de Carteret, the most powerful lord on the island, sees no choice but to pledge his loyalty, hoping the new overlords will prove benevolent until King Edward can turn his attention to ousting them. But instead the island suffers under their tyrannical rule.

When a pirate lands at St. Ouen’s Bay claiming the true Lord of the Isles, the Earl of Warwick, has sent him to stir up a rebellion, de Carteret is suspicious. Other lords rally to the cause, only to be arrested and tried for conspiracy. With French spies everywhere, determined to find a reason to arrest him too, de Carteret finds it increasingly difficult to know whom to trust and how to keep his family safe.

As the citizens of Jersey despair under the growing burden of oppression, de Carteret must risk everything to free his beloved homeland.

Based on real people and events, Token of Betrayal is a sweeping tale of loyalty, revenge, and a father's love and the difference one man can make to alter the course of history.

C. V. Lee’s compelling work is a must-read if you love historical novels laced with an unraveling tale of power, loyalty, love, honor, secrets, deceit, betrayal, agony, and disgrace. ~ Readers' Favorite

Token of Betrayal by C. V. Lee is a fifteenth-century story of survival, betrayal, deception, compromise, loyalty, patience, sacrifice, and a father’s love. This gripping tale blended fact and fiction and introduced depth to an otherwise forgotten historical event. I loved the suspense and dynamic writing style. The novel was also thought-provoking—Thank you for a worthwhile read. ~ Readers' Favorite

Author Bio:

C.V. Lee writes historical biographical fiction and is currently writing her Roses & Rebels series, a family saga set in the late 15th and early 16th centuries during the time of the Wars of the Roses, the Renaissance, and the Reformation. Her goal in writing is to bring to life forgotten heroes and heroines of the past.

Born in Texas, raised in Washington state, C.V. lived most of her adult life in California, with a brief stint in Colorado. She grew up east of Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington. After graduation, she moved to California, first to the beaches of the Los Angeles South Bay, then to wine country in the San Francisco Bay Area, and later to the farm country of the Sacramento Valley. Recently, she returned home to Washington state and taken up residence on an island.

Her favorite hobbies include reading, cooking, and traveling.


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