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Featured Spotlight of "The Honey Tree" by Jo Sparkes

An unforgettable tale of courage, compassion, and the pursuit of freedom.

Maggie has always accepted life's constraints: that is, until she witnesses a breathtaking moment of liberation as a butterfly breaks free from a spider's web. And this small, defiant act sparks a fire within her soul.

That’s a dangerous thing for a field slave in 1850 Missouri.

As her daughter ascends to the coveted position of personal maid to the Mistress, Maggie's family is thrust into the intricate dynamics of power and privilege within the House.

But in the shadows, a chance encounter between Maggie's sons and Preacher, a burly, escaped slave, sets the stage for a risky alliance.

Meanwhile, Lucy, the Master's lonely daughter, hungers for the warmth and kindness that Maggie effortlessly exudes. The boundaries that separate them are as rigid as the times they live in, but the desire for connection and understanding defies the odds.

Maggie, recognizing an opportunity for freedom, finds herself entwined in a perilous dance between liberation and the relentless pull of her current station.

Will she follow in the path of the butterfly?

Author bio:

At the age of three her father found her with a book in her lap, yelling "Read, read, read!" He quietly tiptoed away. Jo Sparkes took up a pen soon after.

As a contributing writer for the Arizona Sports Fans Network, where she was called their most popular writer, she garnered popularity with her humorous articles, player interviews and game coverage. Her body of work includes scripts for Children’s live-action and animated television programs, a direct-to-video Children’s DVD, and commercial work for corporate clients.

Her original script, Frank Retrieval, won the 2012 Kay Snow award for best screenplay. Her fantasy series, The Legend of the Gamesmen, has garnered two B.R.A.G. Medallions and a 2015 silver IPPY award for Ebook Juvenile/YA Fiction.

When not diligently perfecting her craft, Jo can be found exploring her new home of Plymouth, England, where she and her spouse have embarked on a new adventure.

Visit Jo at her website and on Instagram.


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