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History Bards Podcast and Author Interviews

Today is launch day for our official Historical Fiction Company podcast, History Bards. Why "History Bards"? Well, the definition of a bard on Wikipedia is "a storyteller... and in the modern-day sense refers to authors, not just musicians... and is someone who desires to tell the history and genealogy of their patron". While most of us as authors don't have an real-life patron, as historical fiction authors, the people we choose to tell their stories in our books are, in a way, our patron, as they gift their voice and histories to us.

The 'History Bards' podcast is a venue for historical fiction authors to speak about their books, their writing journey, or perhaps about an interesting topic in history which inspired their stories. Face it, history is filled with innumerable and enlightening topics, which is another avenue that this podcast will delve into. Not only will we present author interviews, but quite often the podcast will feature obscure or remarkable historical tidbits which might inspire an author to write a novel. We will also feature writing tips, as well as host featured ads for our sponsors. We will also be featuring some of our five-star reviewed books from authors who entered our contest!

From now until April 1, 2023, we will be uploading old episodes from our former podcast, The Hist Fic Chickie podcast, but we are already scheduling author interviews after April 1st. If you would like to schedule an interview, please fill out this form HERE.

Also, we have a unique opportunity for authors or companies to become sponsors of the podcast which means you will have a featured ad announced in the podcast. If you wish to sponsor, please fill out the same form HERE, and check "Yes" on the request to become a sponsor. A sponsor packet will be sent to you with more information.

And as always, if you would like an editorial review of your book and enter the 2023 HFC Book of the Year contest, please go HERE.

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