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Pre-order now! A Heart-wrenching Story of the Armenian Genocide

Book Blurb:

"Who She Left Behind" is a captivating historical fiction novel that spans multiple generations and delves into the emotional lives of its characters.

Set in various time periods, from the declining days of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey to Armenian communities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts during the 1990s, the book provides a deep immersion into a lesser-known era. The story revolves around themes of survival, motherhood, and love, drawing inspiration from the author's own family history. The narrative is framed by a mysterious discovery of Armenian dolls at Victoria's grave many years later, which leads her on a quest for redemption as an immigrant, wife, sister, and aunt.

Author Bio:

Victoria (Atamian) Waterman is an accomplished advocate for women and girls, dedicating her career to promoting leadership and empowerment. She has made significant contributions through various platforms such as her TEDx talk titled "Today's Girls are Tomorrow's Leaders," numerous op-eds, media interviews, and receiving awards. Growing up in Rhode Island in a multicultural and multilingual household with Armenian Genocide survivors has greatly influenced her storytelling abilities. Now, Victoria aims to shed light on the often-overlooked stories of courageous women who not only survived but resisted the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide, becoming the pillars of reconstructed communities after the war.

She is a frequent speaker on various subjects including her personal and professional journey, women's leadership, and providing business insights for non-profit organizations. Victoria has presented at prestigious events and conferences such as the 2023 AGBU Women Shaping the World Conference, Bryant University Women's Summit, Worcester Women's Leadership Conference, and Massachusetts Conference for Women.

Visit her website and blogs to learn more.

Book Excerpt:

The night before Lucy's wedding, Vicky crawled into bed long after midnight, sore and chilled, but the dress and veil were finished and pressed, waiting on a hanger for the bride to arrive before church in the morning. “You give us all so much, my love,” Pesa whispered into the dark. “I hope your sister knows how fortunate she is in you.” Vicky kissed her husband’s shoulder and lay still while his breathing slowed, and he slipped back into sleep. Her heart banged against her chest, as though all her secrets might burst from her chest.

I failed everyone who needed me most.

I failed my living child. I lost her forever.

I lied to everyone I loved and hid her from the world.

I failed our baby girl. My body wasn’t strong enough to keep her alive.

I failed you, my love.

Rolling over, Vicky let her silent tears soak into the pillowcase. She would not fail Lucy and that would make up for all the secrets.

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