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Winner and Runner-up for the 2023 Book of the Year Contest

First off, let me congratulate all of the category winners and say that the quality of the books presented this year made the decisions extremely difficult. Working on a novel is hard work, especially for historical fiction authors devoted to the craft and to the research it takes to present this type of story, so I want to say personally that to each and every person who submitted this year, congratulations on your amazing stories and to the obvious desire to craft award-winning books. Some may wonder why we give out so many five star awards, and the fact is, well... the quality is superb, which means for each year that passes by, the standard for excellence rises!! Very well done to you all.

Second, I know I usually present this award in person, but for many who may not know, I've spent the last four days in the hospital dealing with a family emergency, so this quick video presentation is what we came up for this year. Please enjoy and again, we cannot wait to see what all of you come up with for this next year. All of you make our job as reviewers and judges a fun experience as you all take us on your journeys.

And last, what we've all been waiting for....

Dee Marley and the HFC Team

2024 contest is now open HERE and the prize money has grown even bigger!!


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