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You Are What You Listen To...

And we are historical fiction!!

Hey everyone! Not sure how many have missed out on our History Bards podcast but here is your opportunity to listen, watch, and subscribe to our new feature!!

Below are the listed episodes, but first here is the different ways you can listen, watch, and subscribe:

All of our interviews, book reviews, and book trailers are on our YouTube Channel here


And if you are author, stayed tuned for your book review if you have submitted for an editorial review or to the Book of the Year contest. We post all our 4-5 star reviewed books on the YouTube Channel and our TikTok account... and ALL of our reviews from over the past two years will eventually be a part of the catalog.

If you want your book editorially reviewed and featured on a video, please CLICK HERE

Also, throughout the year we will be hosting special CONTENT EPISODES, which are 30-minute history spotlights on one featured book, such as our episode "The Early Days of the New York Film Industry" which featured "The Courtesan's Daughter" by Susanne Dunlap, and "The RAF Pilots of WWII and the Stigma of LMF" featuring "Moral Fibre" by Helena P. Schrader. June's episode will feature "Cold Peace" by Helena P. Schrader and highlighting the Berlin Air Lift of WWII.

If you want your book featured in a content episode, you can book an episode HERE and scroll down till you see 'Content Episodes'

If you want your book advertised in the 10-second video clip at the beginning or the 1-2 minute trailer at the end, you can go HERE and select the option for an 'Animated AD' or HERE for a book trailer created by our in-house design studio White Rabbit Arts.


Our audio interviews, which are the sound bytes from the video interviews, plus our content episodes are also available through our audio podcast available at these following outlets:

You can subscribe to any of these outlets to keep up with our episodes, which will post every Tuesday at 8:00 am EST. We've already posted 21 episodes for this season, and we are continuing to host interviews from now until December. The 2023 Season is fully booked and we thank you for your support.

For any further information, you can contact me, Dee Marley, the host of History Bards, by sending me a message at


(Click on picture to watch at our YouTube Channel or click on above audio channel to listen)


Henye Meyer
Henye Meyer

What an alluring site! I've bookmarked it, there's so much information on it.

As to listening...I wonder if others read the books their characters would have been reading, to get a feel for the period. Some of the books are truly awful!

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