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More Exciting News! HFC Acquires Historical Times Magazine

Well, it is official!!

The Historical Fiction Company and Historical Times Magazine are now combined!! Sam Taw, the founder of Historical Times, is returning to her former love... that is, writing, after a hugely successful year of publication. Now, HFC is taking the reins of the magazine, with the next issue releasing at the end of March.

Just another step forward on the HFC journey, as we find new avenues to support all of the historical authors and readers of this group, and around the world.

If you would like to contribute an article to the next issue, the theme is BYZANTINE, and must be submitted asap!! You can submit an article (at least 1500 words) to

Over the next months, as the magazine transitions and develops, more announcements will be made regarding content and availability of subscriptions, as well as other ways to acquire the magazine.

For those of you who have already contributed to the magazine over the past year, under Sam's management, I thank you on her behalf and hope you will continue to support this fabulous magazine that she developed.

For more about Historical Times magazine, you can still visit at


One upcoming change a few months from now, five-star editorially reviewed books will be featured in the magazine, so be sure an schedule your editorial review today, as well as enter the contest!

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